Friday Feedback for June 15, 2012

Jun 15, 2012

Listener Sally of Oak Island wrote:

I love WHQR and we are frequent listeners but I would like to make a suggestion about the news cycle. This morning I listened to another "faith and values" story and I think they are very unappropriate. I understand that there will be news about churches or faith based organizations and their actions as they impact the local community in a IMPORTANT way. But I find it disturbing that this segment is becoming weekly (sometimes multiple times a week) and is basically religious news. With such a limited amount of time for local news, I do not need to know what the church community is doing. These are feature stories, they are not an integral part of the news cycle or local life. It would be great to share with Jemila in an interview but is not appropriate for morning news. There are many more important things going on that impact us as Cape Fear citizens instead of as various religious beliefs. I feel like this reporting separates us and while I appreciate the reporter’s ability to cover all "known" religious beliefs, it is just unnecessary. Please reconsider this segment because it is a waste of your news time and mine.

Here’s a message that requires a bit of explanation. A new commentator on the station, Whitney Ross Gray, wrote about her experiences on a gluten-free diet. That inspired a couple of comments on the website. Colette Rogers wrote:

…you are an inspiration to all gluton addicts...especially ones who may have autoimmune diseases.

Another listener wrote:

Can you share your lists of body care products to avoid? I had no idea that it wasn't just food.

And here’s the explanation I referred to: as our on-air disclaimers indicate, our commentaries are intended to be the personal reflections and experiences of one individual. It's one thing for a commentator to say "Here's what happened to me", but quite a different thing to say, "Here's what you should do." If that were the case, we would be claiming to provide medical information, which would be the role of journalism, and not personal commentary.

We will check into how best to provide links to medical information on the website. But please realize that we cannot prescribe remedies or address individual medical conditions in our commentaries. Thanks for understanding.

We recently posted on our website a profile written by Bob Workmon  of Willard Fields, who has returned local-hosted jazz to WHQR on Friday and Saturday nights. Visitor Hal had this to say:

Nicely written, Bob. We Wilmington jazz lovers are certainly fortunate beneficiaries of Willard's expertise and enthusiasm.

Another visitor on the story’s website wrote:

Since we now have an all-classical radio station, could we pleeeeease have some more of Mr. Fields in the daylight hours, too.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. You can also send us feedback with with an email message. Or call our Feedback Phone: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.