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On the Next CoastLine: The southeastern United States, including North Carolina, is a leading producer of wood pellets. But what does this industry mean for the environment and for business in the region? Joining us in studio will be Morgan Pitts of Enviva, the world's largest supplier of wood pellets, and Adam Macon, the Director of Dogwood Alliance's Our Forests Aren't Fuel campaign. 

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The greatest feedback of the past few weeks has been the fact that so many people joined together to push us over the top in our Stealth campaign. We finished 6 hours early, on Monday the 27th, and so we able to cancel our traditional summer marathon drive. We welcome all new and renewing members who contacted us by mail or web. Here are a few of their comments. Long-time listener and supporter Penelope wrote:

On the next CoastLine, we’re taking a ride with WAVE Transit. Is the area’s bus system adequately serving the community? How is it changing, and what can we expect for the future? Joining us in studio will be Albert Eby, Executive Director of WAVE.

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Counties across North Carolina could soon be required to cover the entire cost of recycling electronics.  It's just one provision in the Regulatory Reform Act of 2015 that could create an unplanned hole in the budget for New Hanover County’s Department of Environmental Management.

How often have you wondered whether to toss a soda bottle into the recycling bin with or without the cap?  Do you rinse out food containers before you recycle them?  And what do you do with all those plastic grocery bags?

On the next CoastLine, it’s an issue most just toss by the curb: trash and recycling. But we’re diving into this topic to explore how these services work in New Hanover and Brunswick counties. Is the area keeping up with modern trends, and how are we rethinking waste?

Guest: Joe Suleyman, Director of New Hanover County’s Environmental Management

Wood pellets.  They’re a simple idea, but their potential implications are far more complicated and controversial. 

On The Next CoastLine: Wood Pellet Industry in North Carolina

Baby Boomers are once again leading a new trend: retiree entrepreneurship. Instead of giving up work at 60, they’re starting new careers based on their expertise and hobbies. This activity is especially evident in areas like the Cape Fear region, where many retired entrepreneurs have joined others in making a new lifestyle. We explore post-retirement work, especially starting new businesses, on today’s CoastLine.


By Brian Gratwicke, via Wikimedia Commons

The North Carolina coast has seen eight shark attacks so far this season.  Summer is not half over.  It’s a record-setting number.  And a chilling one for most people.