Wilmington baseball stadium

Citizens Speak For and Against Stadium

Aug 8, 2012
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Wilmington City Council voted unanimously last night to put the $37 million bond referendum for the proposed baseball stadium on this November’s ballot.  As WHQR’s Andrew Jarachovic reports, two-dozen citizens made impassioned statements both for and against the new ballpark.     

Baseball on the Cape Fear River?

Aug 6, 2012
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Wilmington City Council announced today they have finalized the total cost of the proposed baseball stadium.  However, WHQR’s Andrew Jarachovic reports that negotiations between the City and Mandalay and the Atlanta Braves partnership are continuing. 

Baseball on the Cape Fear River?

Aug 6, 2012
Atlanta Braves

City Council Approves Stadium Bond Referendum

Jul 11, 2012

Last night, Wilmington City Council voted in favor of resolutions regarding the proposed baseball stadium and announced a potential location. 

Last night, Wilmington City Council voted on matters from next  year's budget to approving money to improve sidewalks and roads. 

Tomorrow night, Wilmington City Council will sign off on its 2012-2013 budget, part of which involves keeping the possibility of minor league baseball on the table. 

Yesterday in Wilmington, a group opposed to using public money to fund a potential baseball stadium delivered a petition with almost 4,000 signatures to the city clerk’s office. 

National Sports Service, a consulting firm hired by the City of Wilmington, presented its updated findings last night from its feasibility study of whether or not to bring a baseball team to town. 

By Tage Olsin

Last night in Wilmington, a team of private developers presented a financial proposal for a baseball stadium to the city council. 

The City of Wilmington must pass its budget for the next fiscal year by the end of June.