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Two New Candidates Win NHCo. Commission Seats

Nov 7, 2012

Last night the race among the 6 New Hanover County commission candidates was close. Voters elected two new commissioners and brought back a familiar face. Chairman Jonathan Barfield earned another term, while newcomer Republicans Woody White and Beth Dawson join the board. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports Dawson is the first woman elected to the commission since 2008.

Dawson captured the second highest percentage of votes, winning a seat with 18 percent. She says she plans to work hard to build consensus, even if the road ahead requires some patience.

Wilmington Voters Reject Stadium Referendum

Nov 7, 2012

After almost a year of negotiations and emotional debate, Wilmington’s 37-million dollar stadium referendum died last night. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports the referendum was defeated in every precinct in the City of Wilmington.

Seventy percent of voters within the City of Wilmington rejected the referendum. But both sides of the issue remained optimistic until the very end. Scott Harry with the Vote No Stadium Tax Committee says voters were heard loud and clear. And now he wants the New Hanover County Commissioners to hear their message, too.

City of Wilmington Approves Baseball Agreement

Sep 19, 2012

The Wilmington City Council voted 6-1 last night to enter into an agreement with Mandalay Baseball and the Atlanta Braves to build a multi-purpose sports stadium on the downtown riverfront. It's now in the hands of voters, who get to decide in November whether or not to approve a $37 million dollar bond referendum to fund construction. Rich Neumann, president of baseball development for Mandalay, waited through the long meeting for the vote. He says Mandalay explored this market for 10 years searching for the right location and the political will to get to this point.

Wilmington City Council intends to move forward with a $37 million bond referendum to build a baseball stadium. 

WHQR’s Andrew Jarachovic reports that the campaign to gain voter approval promises to be a hard-fought battle.    

Some citizens have voiced strong disapproval of using taxpayer money to subsidize a recreational venture. Even well-known sports economists, like Professor Allen Sanderson from the University of Chicago, argue that sports stadiums, if looked at purely as an investment, are not a wise move.   

Baseball on the Cape Fear River?

Aug 6, 2012
Onestanley / www.wretch.cc

Wilmington City Council announced today they have finalized the total cost of the proposed baseball stadium.  However, WHQR’s Andrew Jarachovic reports that negotiations between the City and Mandalay and the Atlanta Braves partnership are continuing. 

Wilmington and Braves in Negotiations

Jul 20, 2012
Onestanley / www.wretch.cc

Wilmington City Councilman Kevin O’Grady held a press conference at City Hall yesterday afternoon to offer an update on negotiations to bring professional baseball to the city.  WHQR’s Andrew Jarachovic reports on the progress.