Shifting the Tide

When Sergeant Stacy Blackburn-Hoelscher returned home from a two-year Army deployment in Iraq, she wanted to go back to the war zone. The Detroit, Michigan native served with an all-male tactical unit, a pioneering role for women at the time. In 2009, after switching over to the Marines, she deployed to Afghanistan. Stepping up to serve on a Female Engagement Team, she crossed over lines drawn for her male counterparts. In the last part of our series about the shifting roles of women in combat, WHQR’s Sara Wood brings us her story.

Shifting the Tide, Part 2: Lisa Ramos

Apr 24, 2013

For 13 years, Lisa Ramos served in the Navy as a Religious Program Specialist. She served in a support role in Iraq, where front lines were invisible. While she wasn’t directly in combat, she experienced trauma from the line of fire. In part two of our series about women’s shifting roles in combat, WHQR’s Sara Wood speaks with Ramos about the physical realities of lifting the combat ban.

Shifting the Tide: Rosie Noel

Apr 17, 2013

*Shifting the Tide is an ongoing series that captures the voices of women in combat. For Part One, we hear the story of retired Gunnery Sergeant Rosie Noel.