North Carolina General Assembly

Although the North Carolina General Assembly has adjourned, the grassroots group, Women Organizing for Wilmington, or WOW, will maintain its weekly schedule of protesting against local legislators’ support of recent bills that would tighten restrictions on abortion. Despite passage of the controversial legislation in state House and Senate, local demonstrators say they’ll voice their discord until the next state elections.

"Shame on Goolsby! Shame on Goolsby! Shame on Goolsby!"

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A proposed amendment putting more regulations on abortion providers in North Carolina passed a first reading in the state senate yesterday. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports sponsors of the bill say it’s an important step in protecting women’s health, but opponents call it another tactic to decrease women’s access to abortions.

The most significant part of the proposed amendment requires physicians performing abortions to gain hospital admitting privileges to a facility within 30 miles of the clinic.

Tonight the North Carolina House of Representatives will vote again on Senate Bill 10. The bill has made partisan waves and put House Republicans at odds with Senate Republicans. The bill eliminates several boards and commissions, and significantly cuts into term limits for current members. Board continuity is a major concern of both opponents and supporters.