Next week, Wilmington--along with seven other locations across the state--will begin hosting a new documentary film series. Its founders—the North Carolina NAACP and Wilmington-based nonprofit Working Films—have coined the summer-long initiative Moral Movies. Its four monthly features are intended to highlight hot-button state issues--and jump-start community dialog.

At least one bus full of Wilmington citizens will be heading to the capitol to join thousands standing in the NAACP's Moral March on Raleigh next weekend. Today, the Reverend Dr. William Barber, President of the North Carolina NAACP, addressed about 60 people at a local Baptist church. Barber came to mobilize citizens to stand up against the Voter ID Bill, and state cuts to education and Medicaid.

A new documentary produced by local filmmaker Brian Grimm is opening at City Stage for a two-night run this weekend. 

The president of the North Carolina NAACP is touring more than 26 communities promoting voter drives since mid-October including one in Burgaw a few weeks ago.  Amanda Greene of Wilmington Faith and Values spoke with the Reverend William Barbour the Second about early voter turnout and the concerns he’s hearing from voters statewide.

With the latest presidential polls in North Carolina dead even at 49 percent for both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Barber knows each voter can make a difference.