Mental Health
11:54 am
Mon June 4, 2012

Glenn Close's Family On Coping With Mental Illness

Originally published on Mon June 4, 2012 12:56 pm



I'm Michel Martin, and this is TELL ME MORE, from NPR News. Now we want to go "Behind Closed Doors." That's something we often do on Mondays. That's where we talk about issues people usually keep private. And you might remember that we recently spoke with Oscar-nominee Glenn Close. She told us about how mental illness has affected her family, and how she was motivated by her younger sister Jessie to co-found the nonprofit group Bring Change to Mind.

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The Two-Way
11:54 am
Mon June 4, 2012

Latest Sign Of Slowing: Factory Orders Fell In April

The word from the Census Bureau that orders for manufactured goods fell 0.6 percent in April from March — the second straight monthly decline — is in line with other reports that signal the economy "may suffer a swoon yet not slip into a recession," Bloomberg News writes.

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Shots - Health Blog
11:34 am
Mon June 4, 2012

Beset With Bedbugs? Don't Bother With Bug Bombs

Bedbugs on display at the National Bed Bug Summit held in Washington in early 2011.
Alex Brandon AP

Originally published on Mon June 4, 2012 11:46 am

Bedbug infestations can be maddening. So readily available bug bombs that fill the house with a pesticide fog are understandably tempting. But research shows they're not likely to work.

Writing in the Journal of Economic Entomology, researchers from Ohio State University say they tested three popular bug bomb products on five different populations of bedbugs, collected "in the wild" from homes around Ohio. All three products failed miserably.

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It's All Politics
11:22 am
Mon June 4, 2012

In Wisconsin, It's All About Turnout Now

Lucille Berrien, 84, of Milwaukee campaigns Sunday for Democrat Tom Barrett.
Liz Halloran NPR

Originally published on Tue June 12, 2012 5:07 pm

The divisive recall contest in Wisconsin between GOP Gov. Scott Walker and his challenger, Milwaukee's Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett, has moved into its final hours with a deluge of advertisements and rallies to get out the vote Tuesday.

Walker, seeking to avoid becoming the third sitting governor in U.S. history ousted by a recall vote, on Monday planned to visit businesses in four cities, and wrap up the day with rallies in Green Bay and Milwaukee.

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The Two-Way
11:14 am
Mon June 4, 2012

Reports: Suspect Arrested In Canadian Body Parts Case

"Canadian murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta has been arrested in Berlin, German police tell CBC News."

The Associated Press says it's been told the same thing by a Canadian official.

As we've previously reported, Montreal Police had issued a warrant for the gay porn star.

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The Two-Way
11:00 am
Mon June 4, 2012

As Venus Transits The Face Of The Sun, Here's How To Safely Watch

Safety over style: In 2006, a Palestinian man and boy were careful to protect their eyes while watching a partial eclipse of the sun. The same cautions are in order for Venus' transit of the sun on Tuesday.
Saif Dahlah AFP/Getty Images

Originally published on Mon June 4, 2012 2:53 pm


Is that clear enough?

As we looked this morning for good guides about how to safely watch on Tuesday as Venus passes across the face of the sun, there was no escaping the stern warnings about what NOT to do.

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Deceptive Cadence
10:56 am
Mon June 4, 2012

Kept From Playing Piano, Vanessa Perez Pushes Through To Success

Pianist Vanessa Perez performs at NPR in Washington, D.C.
Becky Lettenberger NPR

Originally published on Tue September 18, 2012 4:50 pm

There are stories both famous and infamous of children pushed into performing careers by their parents (Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Judy Garland ... the list goes on and on). But Vanessa Perez has become a fine young pianist despite her mother's best efforts to keep her away from the performing arts.

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Monkey See
9:58 am
Mon June 4, 2012

'Push Girls': A Fresh Take On Women Riding On '26-Inch Rims'

Angela Rockwood has a photography shoot as she tries to get back into modeling on Sundance's Push Girls.
Diane Bondareff Sundance

Let's say this first: Popular television is bad at lots of things, and one of them is representations of people with disabilities. Even where they're present – Artie on Glee, or Walter, Jr. on Breaking Bad – they tend to be in isolation. When there's more than one person in a wheelchair, for instance, like when Jason Street was in rehab on Friday Night Lights, the story is usually about the disability itself.

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The Two-Way
9:35 am
Mon June 4, 2012

U.S., Vietnam Exchange Pieces Of History: Two Soldiers' Last Writings

Vietnamese Minister of Defense Phuong Quang Thanh (right) presents the personal letters of U.S. Army Sgt. Steve Flaherty to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.
Jim Watson Pool/Getty Images

Originally published on Mon June 4, 2012 9:37 am

(NPR's Larry Abramson is among the correspondents traveling with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in Asia this week. In Vietnam earlier today, the government there told Panetta it will open three new sites for excavation — in the hope of finding U.S. troops' remains.

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Krulwich Wonders...
9:07 am
Mon June 4, 2012

The Chumbawamba Principle: A Commencement Address

Robert Krulwich delivers the commencement address at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, on June 2.
Jason P. Smith College of the Atlantic

Originally published on Tue June 19, 2012 1:22 pm

This is a commencement address I gave this weekend at the College of the Atlantic, in Bar Harbor, Maine. It's a small, highly interdisciplinary liberal arts college that I much admire. This is my talk to the graduating class.

OK. Finally you are at the door.

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