Music Review

Music Review: Windsongs by David Loeb

Jul 5, 2012


            This album contained music composed for clarinet and wind orchestra by David Loeb a contemporary composer of Japanese music.  The CD spans 16 years in three separate compositions, and not until I had started listening to the album did I expect to hear the growth and confidence that Loeb now has in composing for wind orchestra.


            This album contains Warshaur’s two symphonies that explore places that most contemporary classical composers dare not go. 


          British novelist and poet Rudyard Kipling spanned topics including imperialism, war and children, but instead of reading Rudyard Kipling, I had the chance to hear a selection of his poems superbly preformed by famous Metropolitan Opera Baritone Leonard Warren.  This classic record has been wonderfully remastered and includes 9 songs; some more famous titles such as Gunga Din and Mandalay are featured.