Midday Interviews

Over the Edge

For years, the Dreams Center has held a gala for its big yearly fundraiser. Not this year. Executive Director, Matt Carvin, has something totally different in mind: rappelling down the side of the Blockade Runner Hotel. Everyone who wants to contribute doesn't actually have to do this-for instance, you can help sponsor those who do, and you can come to the block party at the Blockade Runner to witness and celebrate the brave souls who are coming down. Carvin and former director Tracy Wilkes will both be putting on the harness and bouncing their way down the building...and one of them will be wearing a clown suit.  Listen to our interview above to find out why. 

Stand-up comedian Jamey Stone is from Wilmington, but you may not have seen his act before. He mainly performs theatre here at home and takes his comedy on the road. But Wednesday night, Jamey Stone is headlining a comedy night at Hell's Kitchen in downtown Wilmington. Port City Top Comic Drew Harrison is the emcee, with John Felts as the featured performer. Listen above to Jamey talking about comedy-and why political comedy doesn't work so well these days.

Bob Pratt

John Golden and Rob Nathanson have been playing and writing music together for over 30 years. These two talented gentlemen are marking their long history of friendship and musicianship with a concert called Autumn Song at 30, playing at UNCW's Beckwith Recital Hall on Thursday, 8/18 at 7:30. Joining them onstage: Tom Harder (mandolin, fiddle), Mark Teachey (guitar, resonator), Lloyd Wilson (percussionist, storyteller), and Catesby Jones (bass).  Listen above to our interview with Golden and Nathanson.


Chelsea Stygles and Jon Ward are apprentices for a business that most of us dread: they are training to become morticians. They are learning how to conduct a funeral and how to care for the dead-and the families and friends left behind. This interesting topic generated a long interview: the short version airing on 91.3 and 92.7 is above; extra snippets are below.  

Steve Vernon bought the script for the one-woman show Becoming Dr. Ruth for Big Dawg Productions, but it turned out it wouldn't fit into the season. The script was so compelling, Vernon really wanted to get it on-stage, so he partnered with Panache Theatre to make it happen.

The Wilmington Jewish Film Festival has become increasingly popular, expanding every year since it began 3 years ago. Still, it's not big enough to screen all the films the organizers would like to screen. So this week, the Festival kicks off a little Summer Series at Thalian Hall, presenting 3 feature films and 1 short. Festival organizers, Debbie Smith and Bucky Stein, joined us to talk about the series. The first selection is a French film Rue Mandar.

Thalian Association begins the new Red Barn Studio Theatre season on Thursday, August 11. The first show of the season is The Mercy Seat, a play by contemporary playwright Neil LaBute. Local actor and director Anthony Lawson is directing the show, and while Lawson is often associated with comedy, this show is not funny. It's set in New York City on September 12, 2001.

Library of Congress

Ballroom dancing goes back to at least the end of the 16th century according to written records. It seems dancing of one kind or another is popular in every culture that exists or ever existed. Ballroom and Social dancing are incredibly diverse, pulling from all the corners of the world: Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Polka Hustle....on and on. 

If you've ever wondered what a meeting between political comedian/atheist Bill Maher and religious leader Pope Francis would look like, Skip Maloney has done the imagining for you. 

Listen up ladies: If you have even an inkling of attraction to comedy, Blaire Postman wants you to give it a shot. This comedian says there just aren't enough women coming out to Open Mic Nights in Wilmington, so she's holding a 4-week Stand-Up Comedy Class to prepare you. If you just want to get a feel for the comedy community, there is a no-obligation Women in Comedy Panel, featuring women who do stand-up, improv, sketch comedy, and book shows at comedy clubs.