The Domestic Violence Shelter

Wilmington, NC – New state laws now in effect toughen penalties for domestic violence. Last year a string of deadly incidents of domestic violence sent shockwaves through the Wilmington area. WHQR's Catherine Welch takes a look at where domestic abuse is happening and the help out there for victims.

Wilmington, NC – [Cowan] This is a photograph of my father-in-law, Arnold. He was a wonderful man. He was a timber scout, and spent his days among nature. And I think that that was reflected in his approach to life, which was, you're presented a day, you participate in that day, you do the best you can, and the next day is another opportunity, and you get up and do the same thing again.

Carolina Beach, NC – Carolina Beach is the quintessential beach town. There are miles of sandy beaches and good waves for surfing. There are tackle shops and a fishing pier, and a marina full of charter boats. There are vintage motels and cottages, and a boardwalk that boasts some of the oldest bumper cars in the country. It's an inexpensive, low-profile beach community that appeals to families and fishermen, tourists and retirees.

Wrightsville Beach, NC – With the federal deficit looming at more than 400 billion dollars this year, you might not have noticed the 130 million recently set aside to repair Florida's tourist beaches. The beaches were battered by four powerful hurricanes that swept away millions of tons of sand, and with it, millions of potential tourist dollars.

Navassa, NC – Just a few miles west of Wilmington along the Brunswick River lies the town of Navassa. Named after a Caribbean island mined for its bird guano, Navassa began importing and processing it into fertilizer in the late 19th Century. By the 1950s, Navassa employed nearly 4000 workers in five fertilizer factories. But by the early 1980s, the factories and the jobs were gone. All that's left now are hundreds of acres of contaminated land. With high unemployment and a poorly-educated population, the town is struggling.

Wilmington, NC – Tucked away behind the Oakdale Cemetery is the little neighborhood of Love Grove. Once home to slaves of the Love Family, the area is now home to more than 60 families, many of them elderly. Willie Davis lives at the end of King Street with his wife of 54 years. He's spent his entire life in Love Grove, and says it's the best neighborhood in Wilmington.

Ocean Isle, NC – [ambient sound of elevator] It's a slow ride to the 15th floor of a high-rise condominium on Ocean Isle.

[Cleary] See that down there? That's all artificial. That's artificial, that's been pumped from Shallotte Inlet.

Wrightsville Beach, NC – When Chris Brewster spoke to the audience, not all of his words came easily.

[Brewster] Lifeguards consider it a personal failure whenever there's a drowning in an area anywhere near them. But, um, we take any drowning that happens anywhere personally because we know what we would be able to do if we were there.