In Our Water, Fish

Wilmington, NC – Fred Scharf monitors fish in their first few years of life,looking for factors and patterns that determine their survival. By identifying the challenges Scharf can get a better handle on populations information used to protect a variety of species that live in the water around us.

In Our Water, Rain Water and Hurricanes

Wilmington, NC – Joan Willey studies the chemistry of rainwater, specifically acid rain in Wilmington and what can be found in hurricane rain. Her research started 20 years ago when one of her students asked a seemly simple question.

In Our Water, Sewage Spills

Wilmington, NC – Dr. Larry Cahoon talks with WHQR's Catherine Welch about what sewage spills and runoff water leave behind.

Amateur Radio Operators

Wilmington, NC – After hurricane Katrina, amateur radio operators supplied vital communication to emergency management workers.

Growing Up in Garden City

Wilmington, NC – Wilmington resident Nancy Richardson grew up in Garden City, knew the Clutter family and watched Truman Capote turn one story from her town into an American classic.

Wilmington, NC – Returning troops are not only welcomed home by friends and family, but many are also reunited with the pets they left behind. Finding a place for their pets is not always an easy task. But as WHQR's Gwenyfar Rholer finds there are people in the region who are making it their life's work to help find a safe home for the pets of departing troops.

Judge Carroll's Call for Duty

Wilmington, NC – Carroll doesn't know where he'll be stationed or for how long. And he had just a little more than a week to pack his bags and say good-bye to his family. Before he left, Carroll sat down with WHQR's Catherine Welch to talk about the role ahead of him overseas and the family that waits for him in Wilmington.

The Art of Boat Building

Wilmington, NC – Cape Fear Community College held its 6th annual wooden boat show. Some of the boats on display are the creations of students enrolled in the college's boat making class. WHQR's Catherine Welch visited the boat building shop for this audio postcard.

Raleigh, NC – In our series Making Ends Meet reporters from across the state explore what it means to be poor in North Carolina. Laura Leslie kicks off our series with a look at who is poor, where do they live and what the changing demographics mean for North Carolina's future.