Judge Carroll's Call for Duty

Wilmington, NC – Carroll doesn't know where he'll be stationed or for how long. And he had just a little more than a week to pack his bags and say good-bye to his family. Before he left, Carroll sat down with WHQR's Catherine Welch to talk about the role ahead of him overseas and the family that waits for him in Wilmington.

The Art of Boat Building

Wilmington, NC – Cape Fear Community College held its 6th annual wooden boat show. Some of the boats on display are the creations of students enrolled in the college's boat making class. WHQR's Catherine Welch visited the boat building shop for this audio postcard.

Raleigh, NC – In our series Making Ends Meet reporters from across the state explore what it means to be poor in North Carolina. Laura Leslie kicks off our series with a look at who is poor, where do they live and what the changing demographics mean for North Carolina's future.

Southport Marina For Sale?

Wilmington, NC – The NC State Ports Authority Board is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting on July 27th centered on the fate of the Southport . Legislation making its way through Raleigh could clear the way for the state to sell it to a private owner. WHQR's Catherine Welch reports.

Wilmington, NC – A local engineer with a pet peeve about hurricane predictions gets a nod from a national newspaper. WHQR's Catherine Welch explains.

Wilmington, NC – Before the general assembly adjourns lawmakers will decide if they are going to put in place a statewide incentive plan for the film industry. Opponents call film incentives unfair to other industries operating in the state while supporters say the state could kiss its film industry good-bye if lawmakers fail to enact a plan. WHQR's Catherine Welch reports.

Pantano Waits for Recommendations

Camp Lejeune – The fate of 2nd Lt. Illario Pantano's court martial is now in the hands of an investigating officer who must decide whether he will recommend moving forward with a court martial. Pantano is accused of premeditated murder for killing two Iraqis. His Article 32 hearing ended Saturday after the defense spent all day quizzing Pantano's accuser.

Vatican City – Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is now known to the world as Pope Benedict the 16th. Wilmingtonian and special WHQR correspondent Paul Wilkes was there when the white smoke rose followed by Pope Benedict the 16th s first public address.

Wilkes is writing a regular blog for beliefnet.com

Kids Making It

Wilmington, NC – The Kids Making It woodworking program puts at-risk kids to work building bookcases, patio furniture and go-carts. The program also builds self-esteem and a work ethic into the dozens of kids who go through the workshop each year. WHQR's Catherine Welch takes a look at the Kids Making It program as part of our series on area non-profits.

Service Dogs Helping People

Wilmington, NC – Seeing Eye dogs have helped lead the blind since World War I, when they were first used to guide blind soldiers. Today, dogs are being trained to help people with a disability do laundry and pay bills. These dogs are called service dogs. And in WHQR's series looking at area non-profits, Catherine Welch highlights a Wilmington organization that trains puppies to be the eyes and hands of their disabled partners.