Wilmington, NC – The international port is planned for 600 acres of land on the Cape Fear River just north of Southport. It's designed to take in nearly two million containers a year, rivaling the Port of Charleston.

The North Carolina State Ports Authority made a $3 million down payment on the land last month, and says the next step is to close on the property in March.

After that, there will be environmental impact studies and impact assessments by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Wilmington, NC – This week, WHQR is featuring a series of conversations talking about what's ahead in our region.

WHQR's Catherine Welch talks with Katrina Knight, executive director of Good Shepherd Ministries about what she's seeing in the homeless community.

We start off our conversation talking about the people she sees walking through her doors.

Wilmington, NC – The basketball team is near the top of Colonial Athletic Association division ranking,the baseball team is getting national attention and members of the UNCW swimming and soccer teams are receiving division and state honors.

But for some reason, the team on everyone's mind is a team the university doesn't even have - football.

Athletic Director Mike Capaccio says it's a subject he talks about - a lot.

Wilmington, NC – North Carolina's film industry pushed and lawmakers passed incentives for film production last summer.

The incentives deliver a 15% rebate on goods, services and labor for productions with at least a $250,000 budget.

While the industry is now using the incentives to lure productions, it's keeping an eye on South Carolina, that also has a generous package.

Wilmington, NC – This week, WHQR is featuring a series of conversations talking about what's ahead in our region. This morning WHQR's Catherine Welch talks with Advocate Frankie Roberts who runs an agency helping ex-offenders in New Hanover County re-enter the community after incarceration.

Wilmington, NC – In mid-January, the North Carolina Ports Authority put up $3 million and singed a deal for 600 acres of land along the Cape Fear River just north of Southport.

This is where the Ports Authority wants to build a brand new port that would take in two-million containers and rival the Port of Charleston.

Wilmington, NC – You can find an extended version of the interview with Bob Edwards at our Public Arts page.

Wilmington, NC – The Reverend E.B. Turner spent more than 40 years in the Robeson County political arena. Now retired, Turner talks with WHQR's Catherine Welch about creating racial harmony during the integration of Robeson County schools and working within the political system to bring better housing conditions for Lumberton's black residents.

Wilmington, NC – The redesign includes a public park area along with other changes.

The new design expands the exhibit hall to 25,000 square feet and includes three meeting rooms.

Designers shrank the adjacent parking garage to make sure it doesn't tower over the center and chose to brick the garage's first floor so it blends with surrounding former railroad buildings.

New drawings show the convention center covered by an asymmetrical vaulted roof.

Wilmington, NC – A North Carolina psychiatric hospital and a Myrtle Beach organization are sending homeless people to Wilmington on one-way bus tickets,leaving it up to law enforcement and local agencies to stem the flow and help these new arrivals. WHQR's Catherine Welch has more.