Vatican City – Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is now known to the world as Pope Benedict the 16th. Wilmingtonian and special WHQR correspondent Paul Wilkes was there when the white smoke rose followed by Pope Benedict the 16th s first public address.

Wilkes is writing a regular blog for beliefnet.com

Kids Making It

Wilmington, NC – The Kids Making It woodworking program puts at-risk kids to work building bookcases, patio furniture and go-carts. The program also builds self-esteem and a work ethic into the dozens of kids who go through the workshop each year. WHQR's Catherine Welch takes a look at the Kids Making It program as part of our series on area non-profits.

Service Dogs Helping People

Wilmington, NC – Seeing Eye dogs have helped lead the blind since World War I, when they were first used to guide blind soldiers. Today, dogs are being trained to help people with a disability do laundry and pay bills. These dogs are called service dogs. And in WHQR's series looking at area non-profits, Catherine Welch highlights a Wilmington organization that trains puppies to be the eyes and hands of their disabled partners.

Vatican City – Special WHQR correspondent and contributor to beliefnet.com, Paul Wilkes, says the air is thick with speculation about the next pope.

Wilmington, NC – The public is invited to deliver input on the proposed convention center for Wilmington on Thursday, April 7th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

Vatican City – Wilmington resident and contributor to BeliefNetdotcom, Paul Wilkes, delivers this dispatch after viewing the Pope's body on Wednesday.

The Domestic Violence Shelter

Wilmington, NC – New state laws now in effect toughen penalties for domestic violence. Last year a string of deadly incidents of domestic violence sent shockwaves through the Wilmington area. WHQR's Catherine Welch takes a look at where domestic abuse is happening and the help out there for victims.

Wilmington, NC – [Cowan] This is a photograph of my father-in-law, Arnold. He was a wonderful man. He was a timber scout, and spent his days among nature. And I think that that was reflected in his approach to life, which was, you're presented a day, you participate in that day, you do the best you can, and the next day is another opportunity, and you get up and do the same thing again.

Carolina Beach, NC – Carolina Beach is the quintessential beach town. There are miles of sandy beaches and good waves for surfing. There are tackle shops and a fishing pier, and a marina full of charter boats. There are vintage motels and cottages, and a boardwalk that boasts some of the oldest bumper cars in the country. It's an inexpensive, low-profile beach community that appeals to families and fishermen, tourists and retirees.