Local Interest
11:48 am
Tue December 26, 2006

Verizon Call Center Hopping

Wilmington, NC – One of the busiest times of the year is cranking up at Verizon's Wilmington call center.

The company says it expects to have up to 650 customer service agents fielding calls from customers trying to figure out their new gift.

Director of Customer Service Anthony Bowman says the holiday retail season sends new phone owners dialing for help.

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11:44 am
Tue December 26, 2006

2006 The Big Story: The Ports

Wilmington, NC – North Carolina Ports took the first major steps toward building a shipping terminal in Brunswick County this year. Our 2006 wrap-up looks at development of the new international port.

The Ports Authority purchased 600 acres of land near the mouth of the Cape Fear River earlier this year for $30 million.

Nearby residents have raised concerns ranging from increased traffic in Boiling Spring Lakes, to possible beach erosion on Bald Head Island.

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Local Interest
4:15 am
Tue December 26, 2006

Year-in-Review: North Carolina Ports

Wilmington's new cargo cranes, on their way from China.

Wilmington, NC – North Carolina Ports continued to expand the port of Wilmington this year, while taking the first major steps toward building a shipping terminal in across the river in Brunswick County.

Nearly a quarter more containers moved through the port of Wilmington this past year than in 2005, and the terminal continues with its 143-million dollar expansion plans. According to Ports CEO Tom Eagar, by late February the facility will have some major new equipment to handle the increasing traffic.

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Local Interest
12:09 am
Sat December 23, 2006

Year-in-Review: Riegelwood Tornado

Tornado destruction in Riegelwood

Riegelwood, NC – The twister came with little warning on the morning of November 16th, cutting a path of destruction a half-mile wide and a mile long.

It ran right down the middle of Old Farms Estate Mobile Home Park. And by the end of the day, the tornado had taken eight lives, two of them children.

The tornado also destroyed scores of mobile homes and several houses.

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Local Interest
6:07 am
Thu December 21, 2006

Holiday Travelers Take to the Air

Wilmington, NC – Wilmington International Airport is dreaming of a crowded Christmas.

Since US Airways announced fare cuts earlier this month, ticket sales out of ILM have increased 11%. The move dropped up the price of walk-up tickets by up to 43%, advance sales are up to 36% cheaper.

Airport Director Jon Rosborough believes US Airways' announcement may have caused some people to change their holiday travel plans.

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Local Interest
12:58 am
Wed December 20, 2006

A Push for Local Java At UNCW

Wilmington, NC – A UNCW student is trying to persuade the university into bringing a Wilmington coffee shop onto campus.

The university is looking to open a coffee shop inside the Randall Library. Graduate student David Harris-Gershon caught wind of the plan and started circulating a petition to bring in Folk's Caf .

More than 700 people have signed the online petition,and Harris-Gershon says opening up the campus to a local coffee shop could boost the university's ties to the community.

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Local Interest
4:16 am
Tue December 19, 2006

High School Students Accused of Violent Robbery

Bolivia, NC – The Brunswick County Sheriff's Department says 80-year-old Lillian Hickman fought back when four masked and gloved men broke down her door Sunday night. The men originally tried to bind Hickman with duct tape, before deciding to lock her in a bathroom, where she called 911 while they robbed her house. Sheriff's officers arrived shortly after the robbers fled with Hickman's purse.

Hickman was left with a black eye from being struck with her door as the men forced their way inside, but did not go to the hospital.

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Local Interest
4:58 am
Sat December 16, 2006

Lumberton Civic Center Renovations a Go

Wilmington, NC – The vote came down to 4-4, with mayor Ray Pennington breaking the tie in favor of accepting a $1.5 million loan to fund renovations to the Center.

Civic Center Executive Director Richard Scieford estimate nearly 50 people showed up to support his group.

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Local Interest
3:18 am
Thu December 14, 2006

DA Says Strickland Case Still Open

Wilmington, NC – District Attorney Ben David says he will continue to seek criminal charges against a former New Hanover County deputy involved in the shooting death of an 18-year-old suspect.

David refused to say what charges he will pursue but says the case against former New Hanover County deputy Christopher Long remains open.

On Tuesday a superior court judge quashed an indictment of second-degree murder after the grand jury foreman testified that he marked the wrong box.

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Local Interest
6:06 am
Wed December 13, 2006

Swamped: City Takes on Sewer's Most Troublesome Section

Wilmington, NC – Thick black mud squelches away from the treads of the city's recently-acquired swamp buggy as it jolts along the watery track use to keep an eye on several thousand feet of troubled sewer line near Hewlett's Creek.

In their now-daily patrols of the line, utilities workers have spotted woodpeckers, hawks, and myriad animal tracks back among the trees.

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