Rachel Lewis Hilburn

As the frozen precipitation continues in the Cape Fear region, more wrecks are being reported.

Rachel Lewis Hilburn

Frozen precipitation is falling around southeastern North Carolina. 

Isabelle Shepherd, WHQR

Much of Wilmington’s greater downtown area is a USDA designated food desert. But a local grocery store is looking to change that. 

Billy Hathorn

At the beginning of this year, North Carolina’s film incentive switched from a competitive tax rebate to a very small grant fund – holding just $10 million.

Rachel Lewis Hilburn

A winter storm making its way through North Carolina has put emergency crews on alert.


This was originally posted in January.  The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is once again warning customers to take precautions, so we have re-published the information.

With the impending blast of cold weather on tap later this week, officials with the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority are advising water customers to take precautions to avoid frozen or bursting water pipes.

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In 1898, the only known coup d’État in United States history occurred in Wilmington. After taking back control of the legislature during the state elections, white supremacists in Wilmington overthrew the elected local government, forcing both black and white city officials to resign and running many out of town. WHQR spoke with Philip Gerard, author of Cape Fear Rising, about the coup and its significance during Black History Month. "

Isabelle Shepherd: What drove you to write Cape Fear Rising?  

New Hanover Co. Public Library

As February is Black History Month, we turn our attention to the 1898 coup d’état in Wilmington.  WHQR spoke with Philip Gerard, author of Cape Fear Rising.

In 1898, a group of white supremacists overthrew the democratically elected biracial government of Wilmington and replaced it with officials who instituted the first Jim Crow laws in North Carolina.  Philip Gerard, a creative writing professor at UNCW, researched these events for his historical novel: 

It was four years ago when twin sisters Frances Weller and Margaret Weller-Stargell came to WHQR to record a conversation while the national StoryCorps project was in Wilmington. 

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

The mid-Atlantic region, from Virginia to Georgia, could see offshore oil and gas development by the year 2021.