3:59 pm
Thu January 23, 2014

GE Hitachi To Pay $2.7 Million To Settle Allegations of False Claims Regarding ESBWR Reactor Design

Economic Simplified Boiling-Water Reactor (ESBWR)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Listen to the audio version here.

GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy will pay $2.7 million to resolve allegations it made false claims about one of its nuclear reactor designs.  

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Local - January 23
5:00 am
Thu January 23, 2014

Treefest 2014 Touches Down at Independence Mall

Tomorrow and Saturday, New Hanover County citizens can head to Wilmington’s Independence Mall to pick up seedlings to plant for spring. The event, TreeFest, began as a 1997 initiative to help reforest the area following Hurricanes Bertha and Fran. Today, it serves to help build upon the county’s leafy green canopy, and promote local biodiversity.  

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Local - January 22
4:30 am
Thu January 23, 2014

Wilmington Chamber of Commerce to Back New Summer Program Aimed to Prevent Youth Violence

D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy

Violent crime hurts Wilmington’s kids—as well as its businesses. This is according to the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce. And it’s why they’ve teamed up with the Blue Ribbon Commission on the Prevention of Youth Violence to implement a new program designed to keep kids off the streets during the summer—a time when young people are statistically likely to slip academically, and to get into trouble. The Chamber is now asking its members to chip in $75,000 dollars to help kick off a 60-student pilot program.

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5:05 pm
Wed January 22, 2014

Conservation Boundary in Brunswick County Expands by 10 Square Miles

Fence Cove Pond, Orton Plantation
Coastal Land Trust

Listen to the audio version here.

More than 10 square miles of natural wildlife habitat in Brunswick County are now protected from development. 

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Local - January 21
10:32 am
Tue January 21, 2014

Southport Woman Wins 2014 Walter Welsh Award on MLK Day

Reverend Walter Welsh moved to Southport from New Jersey in 1978. He passed away in 2006.

Southport’s annual two-day celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. can be credited to founder Walter Welsh. An Episcopal reverend and civil rights activist, Welsh in 1978 became the only white member of the Southport NAACP chapter, and launched a series of interracial study circles. Welsh died in 2006, but Southport’s MLK Celebration Committee carries his legacy forth via the Walter Welsh Award.  Yesterday, that torch was passed to Southport’s Musette Steck.

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Local - January 20
9:58 am
Mon January 20, 2014

New Hanover County to Come Up with SUP Draft Revision in February

The New Hanover County planning department has a month to revise the most recent draft of the special use permit--or SUP--which is what new industrial companies need to operate. Last week’s presentation of the SUP to the planning board sparked controversy among local environmental advocates, pro-business groups and members of the public--many of whom claimed they didn’t have adequate time to consider the new draft.

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11:10 pm
Sun January 19, 2014

Candidate Profile: Woody White (R), 7th Congressional District

Woody White, Candidate for 7th Congressional District
New Hanover County

Listen to the audio version here.

Woody White is hoping to represent North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District in Washington. 

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Local - January 17
8:41 am
Fri January 17, 2014

Southport Remembers MLK Through Community Activism

Monday marks the late Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. And the city of Southport will be commemorating the same way it has for more than twenty years—with a two-day festival that aims to inspire community involvement. This year the MLK Committee will also be celebrating the success its other initiative, Project Do Something. A joint effort with Brunswick County Schools, it serves to encourage students to perform acts of kindness and justice year-round—in tribute to Dr. King.

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Local - January 14
5:51 am
Wed January 15, 2014

County Seeks Public Input Before Drafting Next SUP Ordianance

The latest draft of New Hanover County’s special use permit—which is what industrial companies need to launch or expand operations—is back on the drawing board. After the planning department brought the controversial ordinance before the county planning board last week, board members voted four to two to table the discussion for 30 days. Now, the planning department is counting on the public to inform its next version.

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7:45 pm
Tue January 14, 2014

Waste Part 2: Managing the New Commodity

Dumping recyclables at the defunct Wastec facility

Listen to the audio version here.

New Hanover County is on the verge of out-sourcing its trash operations.  

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