Katie O'Reilly

Local - August 8
2:32 pm
Thu August 8, 2013

Beach Community Leaders Say No to Loggerhead Turtle Habitats

Harry Simmons of Caswell Beach was one of several beach community mayors to speak out against a proposed critical habitat for endangered loggerhead turtles at a public hearing at UNCW..

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service faced local opposition at last night’s public hearing on its proposed rule that would designate hundreds of miles of beaches along the North Carolina coast as critical habitat for endangered loggerhead turtles. Much of the same land doubles as a critical habitat for the wintering piping plover, a threatened shorebird. Fish and Wildlife faced similar contention in 2001 when this rule went into effect.  But since then, they’ve seen a gradual recovery in the piping plover population.

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Local - August 7
1:11 pm
Wed August 7, 2013

DAQ Considering Only Public Comments that Speak to Legality of Titan Cement Permit

The DAQ will not consider any emotional appeals, anecdotes or speculation not rooted in substantiated fact.

More than 70 Cape Fear citizens spoke out about cement manufacturer Titan America’s requested extension on its proposed Castle Hayne plant at Monday night’s public hearing. The state Division of Air Quality, or DAQ, reports that so far, it has received about 800 additional written comments. However, the DAQ will only be able to consider public input addressing the technical aspects of the permit request.

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Local - August 6
2:00 pm
Tue August 6, 2013

Public Officials Absent from Public Hearing on Titan Cement Plant

The proposed Titan Cement plant would be located in Castle Hayne along the Northeast Cape Fear River.

More than 400 people attended a public hearing that the state’s Division of Air Quality, or DAQ, held at UNCW last night. About 70 spoke out about an air permit extension application from cement manufacturer Titan America.  If granted, the permit would loosen emission standards for the company’s proposed Castle Hayne cement plant. While about 55 publicly urged the DAQ to deny the permit and 16 others spoke up in support of Titan, the one sentiment both camps share is dismay that zero elected officials attended the hearing.

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3:52 pm
Fri August 2, 2013

Representative Ted Davis Speaks Out on State's New Tax Reform Package

State Representative Ted Davis

Under a newly passed House bill, North Carolinians will see a price hike in movie tickets, live performances and museum admission. The “Tax Simplification and Reduction Act” cuts personal and corporate taxes and imposes a uniform tax rate, as well as a 4.75% privilege tax on many leisure pursuits--including non-profit events. And local representatives say they were given inadequate time to consider the bill before voting on it.

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It's All Politics
8:13 am
Fri August 2, 2013

Could North Carolina Lead A 'Red-State Resurgence'?

Cozzie Watkins of Charlotte, N.C., holds a sign while joining a "Moral Monday" protest against recent actions of the North Carolina Legislature, in Raleigh last month.
Al Drago MCT /Landov

Pat McCrory hasn't fared too well with protesters.

The Republican governor of North Carolina has signed off on a vast array of conservative legislation this year, cutting taxes, slashing unemployment benefits and abolishing teacher tenure. So much change so fast has led to protests, including "Moral Monday" events staged at the capitol a dozen weeks in a row by the NAACP.

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Local - August 1
3:33 pm
Thu August 1, 2013

Wilmington Dish TV Customers Blocked from Two Local Stations

Cape Fear residents are unlikely to change their viewing habits despite warring satellite networks and media conglomerates.

Cape Fear-area customers of Dish satellite TV service are without two local stations because of a dispute between the satellite network and Raycom Media. As of this morning, Raycom has blocked access to its NBC affiliated channel, WECT TV6, and its FOX Channel, WFSX Fox 26, due to a price dispute with Dish. But local TV stations do not foresee drastic changes in viewership to result from the block.

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Local - July 30
11:14 am
Tue July 30, 2013

WOW Protesters Not Going Away Following Passage of Controversial Bills Concerning Abortion

Protesters say downtown Wilmington's historic courthouse offers a more public demonstration space than the sidewalk outside state Senator Thom Goolsby's office.

Although the North Carolina General Assembly has adjourned, the grassroots group, Women Organizing for Wilmington, or WOW, will maintain its weekly schedule of protesting against local legislators’ support of recent bills that would tighten restrictions on abortion. Despite passage of the controversial legislation in state House and Senate, local demonstrators say they’ll voice their discord until the next state elections.

"Shame on Goolsby! Shame on Goolsby! Shame on Goolsby!"

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12:40 pm
Mon July 29, 2013

'Moral Monday' Movement Ends In North Carolina



As you heard, North Carolina's legislature has passed some tighter voting restrictions. But that's just one of the issues that's been driving Moral Mondays. Moral Mondays is a series of demonstrations by religious and progressive activists taking place at North Carolina's state capital.

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Local - July 24, 2013
1:11 pm
Thu July 25, 2013

Wilmington Teams up with ProgressNC Action to Challenge Governor McCrory

Local protestors flocked to the traveling billboard, which was paid for by ProgressNC Action's statewide donors.

About 30 Wilmingtonians gathered yesterday before downtown’s historic courthouse to demonstrate against what they say is anti-abortion legislation. Protestors rallied in the shadow of a giant, traveling billboard featuring North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. Those present challenged a statement the governor made last October stipulating he would not restrict access to abortion. 

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Local-July 19, 2013
4:14 pm
Fri July 19, 2013

Goolsby Comments on WOW's Monday Protests

Protesters lining up outside the downtown Wilmington law office of North Carolina senator Thom Goolsby

Women Organizing for Wilmington, or WOW, will stage its third weekly protest outside the downtown law office of State Senator Thom Goolsby on Monday at noon. The pink-bedecked grassroots group still intends to rally against recent legislature that would tighten restrictions on North Carolina abortion clinics. Goolsby, who has been absent from the previous protests, is urging protesters to learn more about what they’re fighting for.

"Not you, not the state! Let women decide their fate! Not you, not the state! Let women decide their fate!"

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