1:49 pm
Fri January 9, 2015

Wilmington Math Teacher Implements Classcraft, An Educational Role-Playing Computer Game

Classcraft is a part of Brian Toth's classroom.
Isabelle Shepherd, WHQR

In a Wilmington classroom, students transform into some surprising characters—healers, mages, and warriors. WHQR’s Isabelle Shepherd reports that a virtual game is preparing fourth grade math students at Alderman Elementary School for the real world. 

Toth: “Alright, let’s take a seat real quick because we have a busy day.”

Students: “Yay! Yay! I like busy.”

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1:40 pm
Fri January 9, 2015

Wilmington Teacher Uses Computer Game to Increase Cooperative Learning, Teamwork

Brian Toth demonstrates a student's Classcraft character on the projector.
WHQR, Isabelle Shepherd

In a Wilmington classroom, a math teacher is using new technology to turn learning into a game. And in order to succeed in the world of Classcraft, an online, educational role-playing program, teamwork is key.

In Brian Toth’s fourth grade math classes, the students are split into teams and assigned roles. In the game, they can be mages, warriors, or healers. By doing well in class, students gain experience points, and if they behave badly, they take damage, which leads to negative consequences.

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Community commentaries
7:00 am
Tue November 4, 2014

Sixty-Six Million

Shelby Hudson
Fidias Reyes

Fresh Voices on Air commentator Shelby Hudson explores the freedoms we have compared to those of girls living in oppressive situations.    

Shelby Hudson is 15 years old and a sophomore at New Hanover High School.  She is a member of the New Hanover High School women's golf team and plays for the Cape  Fear volleyball national team.  Shelby hopes to gain admission into University of Pennsylvania's neonatal nurse practitioner program.   

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Midday Interviews - 8/26/12
2:18 pm
Tue August 26, 2014

Midday Interview: Tonia Lovejoy on the Beautiful Nation Project

Tonia Lovejoy
Alexa Doran

Tonia Lovejoy is an educator and explorer who has created an organization called the Beautiful Nation Project. Its website offers a hug array of tools on many platforms to expand our understanding of how where we live affects how we live. She will be taking an all female crew of scientists, explorers and educators on her sailboat for an around-the-world trip starting September 15. Their journey can be followed at

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5:05 pm
Wed July 16, 2014

CoastLine: Charter Schools in NC -- What Role Do They Play Within the Public School System?

Charter Schools in North Carolina:  What role should they play within the public school system and how is that role changing? 

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2:47 pm
Tue March 12, 2013

Summit on school safety focuses on prevention, collaboration

As the federal government continues debating gun control, several local agencies gathered for a school safety summit in Wilmington on Tuesday at Cape Fear Community College. Attendees represented various organizations, from school administration and law enforcement, to mental health and the court system and  it marks the beginning of a community dialogue to assess school safety, focusing on prevention rather than a cure.

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4:09 pm
Wed March 28, 2012

McCrory Lays out State Education Plan

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory laid out his education platform Wednesday.

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5:53 pm
Thu February 9, 2012

Perdue Visits Wilmington to Tout Dropout Reduction Efforts

Governor Bev Perdue talks to New Hanover County principals and school counselors in Wilmington at the Board of Education.

Governor Bev Perdue joined a meeting of principals and school counselors in Wilmington Thursday to, as WHQR’s Michelle Bliss reports, discuss the county’s new strategies for lowering the dropout rate and helping kids flip that tassel.  

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6:00 am
Fri November 25, 2011

NC Project Wins $15 Million Education Award...if it can raise 10 percent

The North Carolina New Schools Project, a joint private and public endeavor, is a recipient of the U.S. Department of Education’s “Investing in Innovation” award.

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