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To fuel North Carolina’s pork industry, the state is host to more than 9 million pigs.  Turns out, that hog waste is a fuel of its own, and it’s becoming a bigger part of North Carolina’s energy portfolio.  Duke Energy announced its second swine waste-to-power project in North Carolina earlier today. 

Wilmington’s Sutton Plant is one of five statewide Duke Energy coal operations being decommissioned—and the closing of this one is of high priority to lawmakers. In November, Duke Energy retired Sutton’s coal operations. Although it’s now a natural gas plant, more than two million tons of dried coal ash—the waste generated after coal is burned—remains on the site. And the legislation that will determine exactly how much time Duke has to dispose of it all is pending in the General Assembly’s current session. WHQR has this look at the Sutton Plant’s retired coal operation.

Treefest 2014 Touches Down at Independence Mall

Jan 23, 2014

Tomorrow and Saturday, New Hanover County citizens can head to Wilmington’s Independence Mall to pick up seedlings to plant for spring. The event, TreeFest, began as a 1997 initiative to help reforest the area following Hurricanes Bertha and Fran. Today, it serves to help build upon the county’s leafy green canopy, and promote local biodiversity.  

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Duke Energy Progress will be closing its coal-fired power operation serving New Hanover County this December. Pollutants are slowly leaching from the coal-ash basins surrounding the Sutton plant toward groundwater wells that supply drinking water for the nearby Flemington community. However,  decommissioning the plant’s ash basins will not guarantee safety for nearby groundwater supplies—not for a long time, that is.

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The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority and Duke / Progress Energy will collaborate to construct a water line for a small, largely low-income community on the outskirts of New Hanover County. 

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Duke / Progress Energy and the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority could vote as early as Wednesday morning on a deal that would install a water line for a largely low-income community on the outskirts of New Hanover County. 

Duke / Progress Energy is facing yet another lawsuit over coal ash pollution from its Sutton Energy Plant just outside of Wilmington. 

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A coalition of local conservation groups could soon be part of North Carolina’s lawsuit against Duke / Progress Energy. 

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Now that the State of North Carolina is suing Duke / Progress Energy for illegal pollution at all of its coal plants in the state, citizens’ groups are taking stock. 

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Duke Energy says it has no plans to try to expand the compliance boundary on its coal ash ponds at the Sutton Plant near Wilmington. 

Arts Council of Wilmington and New Hanover County

Today, Duke Energy announced its gift of $25,000 for the Arts Council of Wilmington and New Hanover County.