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Nearly 400 years ago, the most famous pirate in history abandoned his flagship to sink in twenty feet of water off Atlantic Beach. The dreaded Captain Blackbeard marooned his excess crew on the island and sailed away, into the teeth of his final battle. The abandoned crewmen later accused Blackbeard of purposefully wrecking the ship in a sort of "pirate downsizing." The pirate captain might not have wanted his vessel any more, but for the past decade, research divers have put in hundreds of hours trying to save what's left. WHQR's Megan Williams visited the expedition to learn more...

courtesty of the QAR website

Researcher Nathan Henry describes the tools, techniques, and challenges of excavating the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Nathan Henry is an assistant state archeologist and conservator in the Underwater Archeology branch out of Fort Fisher. He works with Project Archeologist Chris Southerly on the Queen Anne's Revenge, aided this spring by students from Cape Fear Community College.

You can learn more about Henry's work on the Queen Anne's Revenge Project at the state's website.

If you love gardens and sculpture, then commentator Ede Baldridge has the day trip for you.

Wilmington, NC – Ede Baldridge writes about memorable people and places in the southeast.

Garden commentator Barbara Sullivan digs up delicious advice on what to plant to keep the garden in bloom all summer long.

Wilmington, NC – Barbara Sullivan lives and gardens in downtown Wilmington.

Courtesy of the Battleship North Carolina

Tonight the Fabulous Fantail Film Festival on the battleship North Carolina screens the swashbuckling classic, The Adventures of Robin Hood. As part of the festivities, fighters from the Cape Fear Fencing Association will be on hand to demonstrate the proper way to swing a sword. WHQR's Megan Williams stopped by the club earlier this week, to learn about the fastest blades on the Cape Fear.

Self-Esteem for Mama

May 11, 2006

There are moms who will be thrilled receiving the latest gizmo for Mother's Day, and then there's Nan Graham.

Wilmington, NC – Nan Graham is our life-long southerner with a new website at

A medical miracle eight years ago brought commentator Ede Baldridge to a lovely reunion with a delightful little girl.

Wilmington, NC – Ede Baldridge writes about memorable people and places in the southeastern part of North Carolina.

A Turtle in the Cooler

May 8, 2006

When WHQR commentator Andy Wood pulled into his driveway and parked, he was greeted with a surprise in the form of a very disconsolate reptile in a bucket.

Wilmington, NC – Andy Wood remains Education Director for Audubon North Carolina.

As the mercury rises, commentator Charles BOney ponders the link between architecture and global warming.

Wilmington, NC – Charles Boney and his family are happy to live in the historic district of downtown Wilmington.

If the last time you bought a comic book you had to use your lunch money to do it, you're probably not aware that this weekend is a holiday... Free Comics weekend, an effort by the industry to increase readership. And while Wilmington's comic fans will be packing the bookstore, the region's aspiring artists are hard at work at the drawing table. WHQR's Megan Williams has more...