Commentator Nan Graham has recently been to Nashville, but it was a trip in the 1950's that was really unforgettable.

Wilmington, NC – Nan Graham is our life long southerner with a new website at

American literary scandals are few and far between, but the flap over fabrications in James Frey's best-selling memoir A Million Little Pieces has echoed among writers and readers around the country. WHQR's Megan Williams looked into how the scandal has played out among local writers...

To heck with Napa Valley, says commentator Ede Baldridge, who says the mother of all grape vines is right here in North Carolina.

Wilmington, NC – Ede Baldridge wriates about memorable people and places in southeastern North Carolina.

The art world has long embraced works by untrained artists, calling it folk, primitive, or na?ve art. But two recent exhibits in Wilmington took that idea further, by exploring the intersection of art, and therapy. WHQR's Megan Williams recently visited both shows to learn more about the issues...

Matthew Dols

Wilmington lost its public darkroom when Tabula Rasa closed its doors last month, but the creative force behind it is still going strong. WHQR's Megan Williams sat down with Tabula Rasa's Matthew Dols to find out what he has planned for the future...

Wilmington, NC, February 3, 2006 – Matthew Dols is the featured speaker at Cameron Art Museum's ArtistSpeak! this Sunday.

Wilmington's Children's Museum moved significantly closer to reopening over the last week - while workmen installed exhibits in their new space, the board of directors got ready to hire a new executive director. WHQR's Megan Williams has more.

When a local developer set out to put houses on what used to be a city parking lot on the corner of Front and Church street, there was one unusual step: before they could start building up, they had to dig down. WHQR's Megan Williams visited the excavation

For more than twenty years, Wilmington's Covenant Moravian church has hosted their annual candle tea on the first Saturday in December. Moravians are world's oldest Protestant denomination -- they predate Luther and the Reformation -- but also, until recent years, one of its smallest. WHQR's Megan Williams went to Covenant to talk with Pastor Jon Peterson about the festival, and the church's future.

Wilmington, NC, December 9, 2005 – Reverend Jon Peterson is the pastor of Covenant Moravian Church.

This year, the North Carolina Dance Festival celebrates its fifteenth season bringing performances to communities around the state. WHQR's Megan Williams talked with two local choreographers participating in the festival about this unique genre of movement.

Wilmington, NC, December 7, 2005 – The Dance Cooperative is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and performing dance in the Wilmington area.

Tonight is the final Fourth Friday Gallery Night of the year in downtown Wilmington. Fourteen participating galleries will stay open late to introduce the public to their latest exhibitions. Watercolorist Robert Gera is among those featured artists. WHQR's Arts Reporter Megan Williams went to the Wilmington Gallery to ask Gera why he chooses to paint in black-and-white...