Commentator Ed Baldridge shares her insights on the pleasures of public radio work.

Wilmington, NC – Ede Baldridge writes about memorable people and places in southeastern North Carolina.

Andy Wood was at his desk at home when his older son Robin burst in with a great excuse for a distraction.

Wilmington, NC – Andy WOod is education director for Audubon North Carolina.

UNCW Women's Resource Center

Last night, the Independent Art Company opened the Gender of Art Festival, three evenings of art and performance that tweak expectations about gender... WHQR's Megan Williams sat down with the show's curator to talk about the show's unusual approach. A warning: this interview contains a discussion of male nudity which may not be suitable for children.

In her garden commentary for this week, Barbara Sullivan reveals some old-time tomato growing secrets

Wilmington, NC – Barbara Sullivan lives and gardens in historic downtown Wilmington.

New publications seem to appear on Wilmington's newsstands every few months. Changing technology has made launching new magazines and newspapers easier than ever... but the market suggests, it's no easier to be successful at it. WHQR's Megan Williams has this report.

Easter and children and animals are all part of the glorious season of Spring and celebration, says commentator Nan Graham

Wilmington, NC – Nan Graham is a lifelong southerner who has a new website at She wishes you and your family a joyous Easter and Passover.

One of Wilmington's most ambitious art projects is still a shell on the city's north side - the historic Saint Andrew's church, future home of the Brooklyn Arts Center. Renovation work on the building starts this summer, but WHQR'S Megan Williams recently got a tour of the building, and its history, and brought back this report.

Exotic fish not necessarily found off North Carolina's shores lured commentator Ede Baldridge to the Exotic Aquatic exhibit at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Wilmington, NC – Ede Baldridge writes about interesting people and places in southeastern North Carolina.

Preparing for This Is Viral

Take one empty storefront in downtown Wilmington, add lights, a coat of fresh paint, and a lot of youthful energy, and what you get is an unusual art show opening Saturday night on Front Street... It's called This is Viral. WHQR's Megan Williams examined the infection...

Treasuring Trash Trees

Mar 28, 2006
Britt Slattery, USFWS

There's little left of the "weedy" South commentator Nan Graham remembers. But she's always on the lookout for vanishing specimens in today's landscape of carefully-tended trees and manicured hedges... she loves her landscape on the wild side.

Wilmington, NC – Nan Graham, our life-long Southerner, has her own website at