Thursday Commentary
2:14 pm
Thu March 22, 2007

Contemporary Architecture

Architect and commentator Charles Boney takes a look back forthe future of contemporary architecture

03/22/07 – Architect and commentator Charles Boney looks back at two hotels from 1967 and 1971 for some innovations which may still affect contemporary architecture.

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Monday Commentary
9:46 am
Wed March 21, 2007

Study Measures Economic Impact of the Arts in NC

The film industry is a considerable contributor to Wilmington's economy

The creative sector is a strong contributor to North Carolina's economy, according to a new survey.

Wilmington, NC – Supporting the arts may be one way to boost a community's bottom line, at least according to a new survey.

The study, commissioned by the North Carolina Arts Council and conducted by Regional Technology Strategies Inc. of Carrboro, found a strong creative sector was a good indication that a county would have higher household incomes and steady or growing populations.

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Thursday Commentary
2:40 pm
Tue March 20, 2007


Gardening commentator Barbara Sullivan gives us a brief historical overvew of the camellia.

03/20/07 – In her gardening commentary for today, Barbara Sullivan looks at the international history of the lovely camellia plant.

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Thursday Commentary
1:46 pm
Thu March 15, 2007

Nan Graham "Entitled"

Today our commentator Nan Graham has unearthed some first-draft titles to famous works of literature.

Some very famous books had very different working titles...according to commentator Nan Graham.

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Thursday Commentary
4:40 pm
Mon March 12, 2007

spring turtle

Naturalist Andy Wood finds a box turtle fresh out of hibernation.

Naturalist Andy Wood encounters a box turtle fresh out of hibernation.

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Monday Commentary
3:51 pm
Thu March 8, 2007

NC Bill of Rights Visits Wilmington

NC original copy of the Bill of Rights.
Courtesy of the State of North Carolina Archives and Records Section

Area residents get a chance to view an original copy of the Bill of Rights when the document goes on display in Wilmington through this weekend.

Wilmington, NC – After 140 years as a fugitive, North Carolina's original copy of the Bill of Rights is on a triumphal tour around the state.

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Monday Commentary
3:43 pm
Tue March 6, 2007

Wilmington's Newest Art School -- This Week Only

Cape Fear's painters don't have a lot of local options when it comes to continuing education in their art form. A new school is trying to bring national caliber workshops to feed a local appetite.

Wilmington, NC – Raoul Middleman has little use for meticulous detail. The painter can wring an entire landscape out of a canvas in under an hour, without breaking a sweat, a talent he's currently demonstrating to a circle of slightly awed artists in a weedy lot next to acme art studios.

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Monday Commentary
2:30 pm
Mon March 5, 2007

Southport Gallery Trying to Elevate the Arts - Literally

(c) Associated Artists of Southport

Southport's art patrons are finding their fundraising for an elevator at the arts center an uphill climb.

Wilmington, NC – The historic courthouse that's home to the Associated Artists of Southport has galleries and classrooms, but no elevator, making the building's second floor off-limits to some patrons and members.

The group wants to add an elevator to the Franklin Square Gallery, to open up access to its second floor. As founding member Ortrud Tyler describes it, the climb is a problem for Southport's older art lovers.

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Thursday Commentary
11:30 am
Tue February 27, 2007

sassy kids

Dr David Hill laments the advent of sassy kids.

Commentator Dr David Hill tries to recall when kids became too sassy for their own good.

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Thursday Commentary
1:21 pm
Thu February 22, 2007

Remembering The 60's

Architect and commentator Charles Boney briefly returns to the 60's, which he proudly remembers.

Wilmington, NC – Architect and commentator Charles Boney briefly returns to the 60's, which he proudly remembers.

Charles Boney and his family are happy to live in historic downtown Wilmington.

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