Thursday Commentary
3:33 pm
Tue April 17, 2007

Drought Tolerant Plants

Gardener Barbara Sullivan has some advice on how best to grow plants which are touted as drought-tolerant.

04/17/07 – Gardening commentator Barbara Sullivan has some advice on how best to care forplants which are advertised as drought-tolerant.

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Thursday Commentary
10:04 am
Thu April 12, 2007

Mistaken Identity

Will the real Nan Graham speak to us?

There is another Nan Graham out there! Our commentator discovers she has a rival for her name...

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Thursday Commentary
3:11 pm
Mon April 9, 2007

Warm Spring

Commentator Andy Wood remarks on are unusually warm weather this spring.

04/09/07 – The UN has released its latest report on global warming. Commentator Andy Wood wonders if our unusually warm spring is part of it.

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Thursday Commentary
12:40 pm
Wed April 4, 2007

easter eggs

Commentator David Hill recounts some of the perils of his children's Easter egg hunt.

04/04/07 – Commentator David Hill doesn't really love the traditional Easter egg hunt and tells us why.

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Thursday Commentary
10:07 am
Tue April 3, 2007


Gardening commentator Barbara Sullivan has some do's and don'ts for pruning shrubbery.

04/03/07 – Gardening commentator Barbara Sullivan has some thoughts about when and how to prune shrubs.

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Monday Commentary
3:36 pm
Fri March 30, 2007

Group Trying to Brand Wilmington as Arts Destination

A committee of arts patrons is joining with the city of Wilmington to promote the Cape Fear region as an arts and cultural destination.

Wilmington, NC – Local arts patrons want to replace 'beach' with 'Bach' when potential tourists think of Wilmington. And not just Bach; they're also hoping to conjure up images of art galleries, theatre performances, museum exhibits and more.

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Thursday Commentary
10:12 am
Thu March 29, 2007

special delivery

When she was growing up, Nan Graham's family had a very elaborate package delivery system to sidestep the postal service.

Commentator Nan Graham's family had a rather unique approach to delivering packages from point A to point B. All to sidestep the post office...

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Thursday Commentary
2:14 pm
Thu March 22, 2007

Contemporary Architecture

Architect and commentator Charles Boney takes a look back forthe future of contemporary architecture

03/22/07 – Architect and commentator Charles Boney looks back at two hotels from 1967 and 1971 for some innovations which may still affect contemporary architecture.

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Monday Commentary
9:46 am
Wed March 21, 2007

Study Measures Economic Impact of the Arts in NC

The film industry is a considerable contributor to Wilmington's economy

The creative sector is a strong contributor to North Carolina's economy, according to a new survey.

Wilmington, NC – Supporting the arts may be one way to boost a community's bottom line, at least according to a new survey.

The study, commissioned by the North Carolina Arts Council and conducted by Regional Technology Strategies Inc. of Carrboro, found a strong creative sector was a good indication that a county would have higher household incomes and steady or growing populations.

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Thursday Commentary
2:40 pm
Tue March 20, 2007


Gardening commentator Barbara Sullivan gives us a brief historical overvew of the camellia.

03/20/07 – In her gardening commentary for today, Barbara Sullivan looks at the international history of the lovely camellia plant.

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