Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

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Officials with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management are reviewing ten permit applications from eight companies seeking to conduct seismic testing off the coast of North Carolina. 

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is a vocal supporter of offshore exploration for oil and gas and its necessary precursor, seismic testing. 

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

The mid-Atlantic region, from Virginia to Georgia, could see offshore oil and gas development by the year 2021. 

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The U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management recently released a draft strategy for offshore oil and gas leasing. Now, the federal government is hosting a series of meetings around the country to gain public input. But leaders of the energy industry say the government’s draft plan of leasing areas isn’t enough.  

Governor Pat McCrory Says Seismic Testing is Necessary

Oct 14, 2014
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When the Obama administration approved the guidelines for seismic testing this summer, it paved the way for energy exploration off North Carolina’s coast.  Governor Pat McCrory says the tests are necessary to update 30-year-old data on the region’s oil and gas reserves. 

Wind farms just a few miles off the coast of North Carolina could be a reality within the decade.  After tax incentives for these projects were renewed in the recent “fiscal cliff” deal, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management came to Wilmington to hear what area residents and stakeholders think.  That’s because two of three projects planned for North Carolina coastal waters are in the Cape Fear region.