Attorney General Roy Cooper

Governor Pat McCrory and his Democratic challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper visited Wilmington for the Greater Wilmington Business Journal’s Power Breakfast series. Both took questions from the crowd regarding film incentives.

Roy Cooper criticized Governor Pat McCrory for letting tax credits for film productions expire. He says data shows the film incentives were working and that there were benefits beyond those that could be calculated: and

Governor Pat McCrory and Democratic challenger Attorney General Roy Cooper visited Wilmington for the Greater Wilmington Business Journal’s Power Breakfast series, where they battled on the topic of House Bill 2, commonly known as the “bathroom bill.”                        

Roy Cooper was quick to criticize Governor McCrory’s passage of HB2, saying it wrote discrimination into the law and cost the state jobs and revenue: 

Websites that advertise adult services facilitate the sexual exploitation of children and other forms of human trafficking. 

The Monday after Thanksgiving, also known as Cyber Monday, is rapidly becoming as ubiquitous as Black Friday. 

NC Department of Justice

North Carolina’s Attorney General Roy Cooper is publicly urging Governor Pat McCrory to veto the Voter ID bill.

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A new House Bill would lift consumer protections and allow predatory lenders – such as payday loan companies – more freedom to operate in North Carolina.

NC Department of Justice

As kids go back to school, North Carolina’s State Attorney General says parents should consider potential safety risks facing their children – and the fact that some of those risks come with evolving technology. WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn has counsel from Roy Cooper on simple steps parents can take to safeguard their kids.

Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office is launching a probe into Duke Energy’s sudden and controversial management change the day of the merger with Progress Energy. 

A Robeson County manufactured home dealer cannot take new orders or accept payments until all previous orders have been filled – or consumers get their money back.

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As state lawmakers consider whether to allow drilling for natural gas – or fracking -- in North Carolina, Attorney General Roy Cooper has been looking into consumer protection issues surrounding the practice.