2012 Elections

During last night’s North Carolina Senate District 9 Forum at the WHQR Gallery, panelist Jon Evans of WECT asked candidates if they would resurrect the voter ID bill vetoed last year by Governor Bev Perdue. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports incumbent Republican Thom Goolsby and Democratic candidate Deb Butler passionately disagreed while toeing the party lines.

At the North Carolina Senate District 9 Candidates’ Forum at WHQR last night, Republican Senator Thom Goolsby and his Democratic opponent Deb Butler accused one another of hypocrisy, lying, mud-slinging, and complaining.  So when panelist Cacky Catlett asked how they would talk to families who aren’t interested in politics as usual, the answer, as WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports, quickly turned into -- well, politics as usual.

It started with an acknowledgment from the candidates: 

Although subtle differences exist in some races this election season, that is not the case with Senate District 9.  In a Candidates’ Forum in the WHQR Gallery last night, WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports that Republican Senator Thom Goolsby and Democratic Candidate Deb Butler went to the mat over regulatory reform. 

The two candidates running for the House District 18 seat agreed on some issues last night at WHQR’s candidate forum. Refusing to sign a pledge against raising taxes was one part of the common ground. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports Republican challenger Louis Harmati and Democratic incumbent Susi Hamilton both agree to keep their names off this list.

Unlike some of his fellow Republican party members, Harmati says he won’t sign his name on that kind of promise.

Traffic woes in the Cape Fear Region were one of the topics at last night’s House District 18 Forum in the WHQR Gallery. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports Democratic incumbent Susi Hamilton and Republican challenger Louis Harmati were asked how they would solve the plight of motorists traveling between New Hanover and Brunswick Counties.

Representative Susi Hamilton, a Democrat, is facing Republican challenger Louis Harmati in the race to represent House District 18.  At a Candidate Forum in the WHQR Gallery last night, WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports that it was difficult to find points on which Hamilton and Harmati disagreed.     

Cacky Catlett of WWAY asked the two politicians for their views on film incentives – in light of the recent decision of one big production to go to Cleveland. 

Republican Louis Harmati is challenging Democratic Representative Susi Hamilton for the seat in House District 18.  The two candidates came together last night in the WHQR Gallery. As WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports, the predictably divisive issue of fracking turned out to be yet another area of near-agreement between candidates.

Tonight at 7 PM, Senator Thom Goolsby squares off with challenger Deb Butler in the race for Senate District 9. They'll take questions from panelists, the studio audience, and even via Twitter. Listeners at home can tune-in to 91.3fm, stream online, or watch the video below!

How to grow the region’s economy in an effective and sustainable manner is a question that comes up frequently in discussions with government leaders.  It was the second question put to candidates running for a seat on the New Hanover County Commission during last night’s Forum at WHQR.  And as WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports, it was a push for clarity after a forum last week that yielded little in the way of specifics. 

Last night, WHQR Reporter Sara Wood asked candidates what they would do to lure big industry – and what they see as current examples of extraneous red tape. 

It was the first in a series of WHQR Candidate Forums.  Last night, the focus was on the six people vying for seats on the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners.  Members of a live studio audience in the WHQR Gallery asked questions of the candidates – including – as WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports – whether North Carolina’s coastal waters should be open to alternative energy exploration. 

“What is your opinion of offshore drilling for us in this area?”