2012 Elections

Okko Pyykkö

Four people are vying for the mayoral seat in the Town of Oak Island.  This Brunswick County coastal town sits largely on a barrier island and has a year-round population of nearly seven-thousand people.  That number more than quintuples during the busy summer season. 

During a recent CoastLine Candidate Forum, all four candidates said they think transparency in government is critical.  But they didn’t all agree on whether the current government is adequately open or on how to improve transparency. 

Rouzer Requests Mandatory Recount

Nov 20, 2012
David Rouzer

North Carolina State Senator David Rouzer is calling for a recount in the race for the 7th congressional district. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports the republican made the announcement yesterday, which was the deadline for candidates to request a mandatory recount.

The race for the seat in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District was one of the most-watched and tightly-fought races in the Cape Fear region.  The incumbent, Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre, faced a tough contest – particularly after the latest round of redistricting removed his home county of Robeson.  But as WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports, there’s still no clear answer on who won the race. 

Two New Candidates Win NHCo. Commission Seats

Nov 7, 2012

Last night the race among the 6 New Hanover County commission candidates was close. Voters elected two new commissioners and brought back a familiar face. Chairman Jonathan Barfield earned another term, while newcomer Republicans Woody White and Beth Dawson join the board. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports Dawson is the first woman elected to the commission since 2008.

Dawson captured the second highest percentage of votes, winning a seat with 18 percent. She says she plans to work hard to build consensus, even if the road ahead requires some patience.

Wilmington Voters Reject Stadium Referendum

Nov 7, 2012

After almost a year of negotiations and emotional debate, Wilmington’s 37-million dollar stadium referendum died last night. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports the referendum was defeated in every precinct in the City of Wilmington.

Seventy percent of voters within the City of Wilmington rejected the referendum. But both sides of the issue remained optimistic until the very end. Scott Harry with the Vote No Stadium Tax Committee says voters were heard loud and clear. And now he wants the New Hanover County Commissioners to hear their message, too.

Pauljoffe at en.wikipedia [GFDL (www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

While record numbers of North Carolina voters cast early ballots before One Stop Voting ends Saturday, the state board of elections is concerned with reports of inappropriate behavior at the polls. From fighting to voter misinformation, WHQR’s Sara Wood has more on the growing emotions of this election season.


Democratic Candidate Danny Hefner is hoping to beat Incumbent State Senator Bill Rabon, a Republican, in the race for the seat in District 8. 

During the May 8 primary elections, some voters arriving at Devon Park Methodist Church questioned the message on the church’s sign that said: “A TRUE MARRIAGE IS MALE AND FEMALE AND GOD.”

The ins and outs of voting in New Hanover County

Oct 12, 2012

Today is the last day for New Hanover County residents to register to vote for the November 6 election. But if you haven’t made this happen yet, don’t fear. WHQR’s Sara Wood found some good advice for weathering voting season.

With less than a week before One Stop Voting, or early voting, begins, Elections Director Marvin McFadyen says the most important thing for voters to do is make sure registration is up to date and accurate.

Several issues were discussed during last night’s North Carolina Senate District 9 forum at the WHQR Gallery, but education continued to surface as one of the central debates. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports incumbent Republican Thom Goolsby and Democratic opponent Deb Butler argued the merits and failures of the state’s education system.