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The Splendid Table is a culinary, culture, and lifestyle one-hour program that celebrates food and its ability to touch the lives and feed the souls of everyone. Each week, award-winning host Lynne Rossetto Kasper leads listeners on a journey of the senses and hosts discussions with a variety of writers and personalities who share their passion for the culinary delights.

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Matt Goulding, author of Rice, Noodle, Fish, spent three months exploring the food in different regions of Japan. "To find a person who's been cooking nothing but tempura for 80 years of their life, it's a pretty remarkable thing," he says.

An apple cider vinegar taste test

Feb 5, 2016
Jen Russell

This is the third taste test presented by Muir Glen organic tomatoes. Find the vegetable stock taste test here and the California olive oil taste test here.

7 tips for cooking with onions and garlic

Feb 5, 2016
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If you are chopping onions, you might want to wear your goggles, says Molly Birnbaum, executive editor of Cook's Science at America's Test Kitchen.

1. For a stronger taste, cut onions and garlic ahead of time

Sally Swift
: If you talk to 10 different people about how to cut up an onion, everyone has a different opinion. Does the way you cut onion and garlic make a difference in the way they taste?

Molly Birnbaum

The 8 Wonders of the Japanese Convenient Store

Feb 5, 2016
Rice, Noodle, Fish

A Beacon in the Night

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"Globally, 95 percent of our calories now come from 30 species," says journalist and educator Simran Sethi, author of Bread, Wine, Chocolate. "Three-fourths of the food we eat comes from 12 plants and five animal species."

Joe Yonan: You write that we are losing foods. What do you mean?

Simran Sethi (Photo: Cem Ersavci / Dumbo Feather)

Don't be afraid of making tortillas at home

Feb 5, 2016
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Empellón's Alex Stupak, co-author of Tacos, explains how to make tortillas.

Melissa Clark: First of all, just break it down for us. Tell us that making tortillas at home isn't scary.

Alex Stupak

Use less sugar in baking by treating it as a spice

Feb 5, 2016
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"Instead of thinking about [sugar] as an evil ingredient, I thought maybe we can just go back in history a little bit and think about a time when sugar was one of the many spices that people used to flavor their foods," says Sam Seneviratne, author of The New Sugar and Spice.

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"We don't really think about it, but the history of cheddar has really affected American cheesemaking in general, and also just the food system itself in the U.S.," says cheesemonger Gordon Edgar, author of Cheddar.

Pati Jinich: What I want to know is why cheddar?

Gordon Edgar (Photo: Myleen Hollero)

Windham Hill

"The quality of the meat and the flavor of the meat has a lot to do with what that animal is eating," says Jennifer Milikowsky, founder of Walden Hill. The New England-based company sells pork finished with acorns collected from rural, suburban and urban areas.

How to select a supermarket that is worthy of you

Jan 22, 2016
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Steve Jenkins is vice president of Fairway Group Services at New York's Fairway market.