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Monday* through Friday at 11:58 AM, Gina Gambony hosts a celebration of the arts and culture of the Lower Cape Fear. She interviews artists, actors, dancers, writers and creators of community events—all the inspiring movers and shakers who enrich our lives.

*Monday Midday Interviews are hosted by Pat Marriott.

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Tune in to our Midday Interview at 11:58 to hear from our guests each week.

Midday Interviews for February 8th through February 12th:

Monday, February 8- Pat Marriott speaks with Anna Mann and acoustic guitarist Will Baube about the Carolina Pine Music Series

Tuesday, February 9- Julie Rehder joins us in the studio to discuss the Davis Community: Valentine's Day Fundraiser.

Wednesday, February 10- Nicole Farmer will talk about "Mary Tudor," the acclaimed play that powerfully captures the drama and conflict of Tudor England.

Thursday, February 11- Mike Werner joins us to discuss Darwin Day.

Friday, February 12- Author Tom Olsinski discusses his recent novel When Killers Collide.

Jen Johnson and Dr. L. Kyle Horton are the founders of the Invisible Wounds of War project.  Jen Johnson, MS, MFA, LPC is a writer, photographer, and mindfulness teacher and counselor.  Dr. Horton is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and former Primary Care Provider at the McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond.  

Futurist Talks about Libraries on CFCC Stage

Oct 27, 2015

We were joined in the studio by the Director of the New Hanover County Library, Harry Tuchmayer, and the Assistant Director, Paige Owens.  Tuchmayer and Owens were here to talk about the speaker series People, Place & Platform.  The series kicks off on Tuesday, October 27 at 7:00 at the CFCC Humanities and Fine Arts Center.  The speaker is futurist Thomas Frey from The DaVinci Institute.

Charley Winterbauer, President of the Cape Fear Audubon Society, joined us in the studio last week.  The Audubon Society has a special program, "Discover the Wonder of Birds," a hands-on, interactive experience for youth and adults to learn about our feathered friends.  The program travels to schools and community centers; this weekend, it will be a part of The Native Plant Festival at the

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, and perhaps it is:  A Zombie, a Vampire, and a Werewolf Walk Into a Bar... is a new play written by local author & playwright Calie Voorhis.

City Ballet

The City Ballet of Wilmington is staging "A Carolina Nutcracker" this year, set in 1865 Wilmington-imagined as a Christmas tale in the glory of the Bellamy Mansion.  This local twist is incorporated into the traditional production of the Nutcracker, featuring the full-length ballet, and notably, live orchestral music and a choir conducted by Alex Hill.  

Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes reading difficult, regardless of the intelligence of the person experiencing it.  In the past, dyslexia was poorly understood and was largely blamed on educational deficiencies rather than cognitive conditions.  Since the 1980's, a great deal of research has yielded a better understanding of dyslexia, including appropriate methods to mitigate the effects.  Still, social understanding of the disability lags behind the research.

"West Side Story" Has Message for Modern Youth

Oct 11, 2015

Actress Peyton Furtado (Maria) and director David Loudermilk joined us in the studio to talk about the latest production by Thalian Association Children's Theatre (TACT): the ever-popular musical West Side Story.  This award-winning musical stays fresh across generations, and as we discussed, it might be unfortunate that racism and violence are still obstacles for youth decade after decade.

Halloween "Yam Jam" at Portia Hines Park

Oct 7, 2015
Jr. League of Wilmington

Last week, Pat Marriott spoke with Jana Jones-Hall and Paige Blaire from Wilmington's Blue Ribbon Commission.  After working to rebuild and reinvigorate Portia Hines Park in the Youth Enrichment Zone downtown, a fall celebration called "The Yam Jam" is becoming a tradition.  Over 17,000 pounds of yams and other produce are just a part of the fun-there will also be a bounce house, face-painting, and "trunk or treat" for Halloween.  

"The Addams Family" was an invention of cartoonist Charles Addams, running in The New Yorker for 50 years beginning in 1938.  The public attraction to this eccentric and macabre family of anti-socialites has staying power; over the years, the family has been crafted into 2 television shows (live and animated), video games, movies, and now, The Addams Family Musical.

"Old Books" Celebrates National Banned Books Week

Sep 28, 2015
American Library Association

This week is National Banned Books Week, so you can expect some happenings at Old Books on Front Street.