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Monday* through Friday at 11:58 AM, Gina Gambony hosts a celebration of the arts and culture of the Lower Cape Fear. She interviews artists, actors, dancers, writers and creators of community events—all the inspiring movers and shakers who enrich our lives.

*Monday Midday Interviews are hosted by Pat Marriott.

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Midday Interviews for April 25-29:

Tuesday, April 26: Students from the Dreams Center curated a mini-exhibit at the new gallery, Art in Bloom.  Listen to an on-site interview with the teens.

Wednesday, April 27: The Jewish Film festival screens keeps expanding-there are more films this year than last year playing at Thalian Hall.   We'll hear about the films from the organizers. 

Thursday, April 28: Many artists sketched and painted gardens during the Azalea Festival.  Star Sosa from Spectrum Art and Jewelry joins us to talk about the exhibit of these works.

Friday, April 29: Theatre Now presents "The Kudzu Queen," a tale adapted for the stage from the work of Wiley Cash by Gwenyfar Rohler.  We'll hear about the show and the dinner selections that go along with it.   

Barry Crimmins is a man who has worn many hats in his life-peace activist, political satirist, stand-up comic, columnist, correspondent, and general iconoclastic agitator.  

Scott Davis: A Storyteller Going Digital

Feb 23, 2016

After graduating from the North Carolina School of the Arts (acting), Scott Davis spent many years first working in technical theater, then creating a career in technical film.  

Dr. Natalie Boeyink is new to UNCW's Music Department, a jazz and bass instructor who joined the music faculty in August.  Her first faculty recital is Sunday, 2/21 at Beckwith Recital Hall at 4:00.  The Box Office in the Cultural Arts Building will open at 3:00.  

"Burial at Thebes" is "Antigone" Reimagined

Feb 15, 2016

Dr. Paul Castagno, directing the play with an "Etruscan take," joined us in the studio to discuss the show:

Patrick Basquill and Adrian Monte from Fake Brothers joined us in the studio today-and if you listen closely, you may hear the thoughtful musings of Stellar Stellan, the head writer for this comedy sketch group. 

Michael Escobar/uncw

Norman Bemelmans gave his first public solo concert at the age of 7; that was surely a few decades ago and he's still at it.  After studying with such luminaries as Jean Houpt, Stefan Bardas, Richard Cass, Patrizia Benkman, and Ozan Marsch, Bemelmans toured under the sponsorship of Pobitzer Artists International and the Franz Liszt Foundation.  

The musical The Lambda has cult-classic status in the Wilmington theater community.  The show, set in a 1970s gay bar in Carolina Beach, premiered in 1992.  The show was penned by former Wilmingtonian Steve Cooper with music by another former local, Brad Moranz.  Cooper's work has lived on locally through Thalian Hall's yearly Pied Piper shows.  The Lambda is steeped in history, both locally and in the larger arc of social acceptance for gays.

One More Youth Play: "The Coffee House" This Weekend

Jan 19, 2016