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During our Classical block on Tuesdays through Fridays at 11:58 AM, Gina Gambony and other staff members host a celebration of the arts and culture of the Lower Cape Fear. They interview artists, actors, dancers, writers and creators of community events—all the inspiring movers and shakers who enrich our lives.   

Please send requests for interviews to classical@whqr.org.


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Midday Interviews
6:02 pm
Sat April 18, 2015

Cape Fear Chorale: Cherubini's Requiem

Libby & Larry Oldham, Cape Fear Chorale Singers

Larry and Libby Oldham are both singers with the Cape Fear Chorale and had many interesting things to say about the spring performance, Requiem in C Minor by Luigi Cherubini.  Larry Oldham earned his DMA in Church Music, so he had a deep knowledge about this music and the history-for instance, which great composer requested this Requiem for his funeral, and why the church banned this music.  We also hear about the fall concert in this informative interview. 

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Midday Interviews
2:47 pm
Fri April 17, 2015

9 Films: Wilmington Jewish Film Fest Expands

Beverly Schoninger, Peggy Pancoe Rosoff, Bucky Stein

In 2013, the folks who wanted to begin a Jewish Film Festival in Wilmington were careful:  to test the waters, they presented just one film.  Last year, they presented 4...and this year, the Festival offers 9 films over two weeks:  6 feature length films + 3 short films, all at Thalian Hall

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Midday Interviews
5:23 pm
Thu April 16, 2015

Couplet: Two Days of Verse

Gwenyfar Rohler, Overlord

If you want to celebrate literary pursuits of any kind--anything from Banned Books to Adult Puppet Shows--Old Books on Front Street is the place to be.  Owner Gwenyfar Rohler helps our community make note of the gems our distracted culture might let slip by, gems like poetry.   

Poetry requires time and reflection and a dash of focus to enjoy.  If you feel you've been too busy to roll around in the delightful rays of verse, this weekend (April 18 & 19) is a wonderful opportunity.  The heavy lifting has already been done. 

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Midday Interviews
5:01 pm
Tue April 14, 2015

Pro Musica: Music by William Bolcom

Rob Nathanson, Pro Musica

Concert Guitarist Rob Nathanson has been involved with Pro Musica, the concert series that celebrates living composers, since the very beginning. 

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Midday Interviews
1:46 pm
Sat April 11, 2015

George Edwards & the Historic Home Tour

George Edwards, Executive Director of the Historic Wilmington Foundation

George Edwards is the Executive Director of the Historic Wilmington Foundation. George stopped by to tell us about the Historic Home Tour open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, April 11 & 12, as a part of the Azalea Festival.  For information regarding the 9 homes + 1 church on this self-guided tour, click here.

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Midday Interviews
7:48 pm
Thu April 9, 2015

The Atlantean Trio Sunday: Beethoven & Smetana

Dr. Barry David Salwen

Dr. Barry Salwen, an international concert pianist, is performing with the Atlantean Trio this weekend.    Salwen is joined by violinist Abigail Van Steenhuyse and cellist Richard Thomas (Salwen and Thomas were founders of the trio in 2005; Van Steenhuyse joined in 2011).   This concert features works by Beethoven and Smetana.   Salwen discusses the selections, and many other interesting tidbits,  in this interview.

The performance is on Sunday, April 12 at 7:30 at the Beckwith Recital Hall, located in the Cultural Arts Building (CAB) on Randall Drive at UNCW. 

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Midday Interviews
12:54 pm
Thu April 9, 2015

The Cape Fear Garden Club-Azaleas & So Much More

Sandra Kittinger & Kimberly Exum, Cape Fear Garden Club

The Cape Fear Garden Club presents the 62nd Annual Azalea Garden Tour.  Garden club member and tour chairperson Sandra Kittinger tells us about the 13 gardens included this year, and of equal interest, she also talks about the charitable work the Cape Fear Garden Club does in the community.  This may be a surprise to many folks-for instance, can you guess which organization landscapes the local homes built by Habitat for Humani

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Midday Interviews
4:39 pm
Tue April 7, 2015

14th Annual "Arts Sensation" Benefits Hospice

Arts Sensation 2015

Over a dozen non-profit organizations have benefited from the yearly fundraiser, Arts Sensation.  This is the 14th year Forward Motion Dance director Tracey Varga has organized this celebration of dance and music to help a local organization; this year, Lower Cape Fear Hospice will be the beneficiary.

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Midday Interviews
9:17 pm
Mon April 6, 2015

Youth "New Play Festival" Revived at Big Dawg

Laura Smith & Artistic Director Steve Vernon

For many years, Virginia (Ginny) Davis was the guiding force behind the New Play Festival with Big Dawg Productions.  After Ginny passed away, the festival faded into the background.

This year, Laura Smith is working with Big Dawg to revive the 5-year-dormant festival, and she's got what it takes to make it happen.  Laura was a participant of the youth play festival under the direction of Ginny Davis several years ago.

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Midday Interviews
1:15 pm
Fri April 3, 2015

Many Programs through Lower Cape Fear Hospice

Jason Clamme & Diane Miller

Diane Miller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Bereavement Counselor who works with the Lower Cape Fear Hospice (LCFH), mainly helping people in our area prepare for loss and overcome difficulties after a loved one has passed away.   Diane joined the CFLH Director of Community Outreach, Jason Clamme, in our studio today to discuss the many events coming up this spring and summer regarding end of life care and family support.

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