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Massachusetts could move one time zone east

8 hours ago
Kai Ryssdal

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is trying to figure out its place on the space-time continuum.

As part of an economic development bill Governor Charlie Baker signed a couple of weeks ago, the Bay State is going to study changing the time zone that it's in.

Because, lo and behold, in the wintertime in the greater Northeast, it gets dark really early.

When nations police what women wear

10 hours ago
Donna Tam

The head of the India’s tourism efforts got some flack this weekend by saying that female tourists should not wear skirts or walk alone at night “for their own safety.”

Minister Mahesh Sharma later clarified his statement, saying he meant it as advice for tourists visiting religious places.

Drones: getting down to business

15 hours ago
Sabri Ben-Achour and Stephanie Hughes

Businesses that want to use drones have had, up 'till now, to get special permission from the Federal Aviation Administration. But starting today, the FAA is loosening the rules a little bit.  You can now get a commercial drone pilot's license and be on your way, but you can't go higher than 400 feet, and you can't fly the drones further than you can see them.  

Mylan to offer cheaper EpiPen

16 hours ago

On today's show, we'll talk about Amazon's plans to enter the crowded on-demand music market; Mylan's plans to sell a generic version of the life-saving EpiPen; and Florida's struggles to retain corrections officers.  

Amazon to launch music streaming service

18 hours ago
Reema Khrais

Amazon plans to a launch a music streaming service as early as next month, according to the Financial Times.

The company is reportedly wrapping up deals with the world’s largest record labels. In terms of price, Amazon would charge subscribers $9.99 a month, which is what Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Google Play all charge.

And Amazon isn’t the only looking to enter this space. Pandora is reportedly also wrapping up agreements with major record companies.

Alisa Roth

Driving up to the compound in south Florida that houses the Dade and Homestead prisons, you'll see the job ads. Stuck like campaign signs in the lush green lawns outside the perimeter fences, they said “Now Hiring,” in big red letters, along with a phone number to call for more information.

More companies insure against employee harassment

21 hours ago
Lane Wallace

Workplace sexual harassment has been in the news once again as several women have publicly alleged that they were sexually harassed by the former head of Fox News, Roger Ailes.

Payroll services and software industry in transition

22 hours ago
Sally Herships

The General Services Administration late last week put out the word that it needs help – streamlining its payroll systems from five to one. Writing even one paycheck  involves a lot more than just writing a check.

Drones rule: FAA makes commercial drones legit

23 hours ago
Gigi Douban

The Federal Aviation Administration’s new rules on commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, take effect Monday. The regulations, announced in June, apply to drones weighing less than 55 pounds. Commercial drone pilots must take a test, at one of the FAA’s 689 testing centers, to get a remote pilot certificate.

But know this: If the terms “density altitude” and “temperature inversion” mean nothing to you, you’re probably going to have a hard time passing this test.


On today's show, we'll talk about the Federal Aviation Administration's new drone rules; the collapse of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal between the U.S. and the European Union; and the growing market for insurance that covers claims of discrimination and harassment.