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Fear Fast Fashion

14 hours ago
Sabri Ben-Achour and Tim Fernholz

This week, Actuality slips into some fast fashion and learns how it pushes your brain's buttons to make you buy. But the trick means hiding the true cost of the clothes — including some surprisingly bad news for the environment. Plus, bitter cats.

Marketplace Tech for Friday, November 27, 2015

14 hours ago

Airing on Friday, November 27, 2015: On today's show, we'll talk about if the infrastructure around online ordering is in place to handle the anticipated volume; how Black Friday shopping habits have evolved in the digital age; and more on the dark web from our Codebreaker podcast.


Airing on Friday, November 27, 2015: On today's show, we'll talk a huge drop in Asian markets; retailers eyeing China this holiday season; and a seven acre patch of land in City Park that brings young together to farm.

IMF set to give Chinese currency a stamp of approval

Nov 26, 2015
Tracey Samuelson

The Chinese renminbi is likely to get a big stamp of approval from the International Monetary Fund next week. On Monday, the IMF’s executive board will vote on whether to add the RMB, as it’s commonly abbreviated, to its basket of reserve currencies.

Essentially, the International Monetary Fund has its own artificial currency – a mash-up of the U.S. dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro, the pound sterling – and perhaps soon – the RMB as well.

Kim Adams

Russia is considering several kinds of economic sanctions against Turkey in retaliation for Turkish forces shooting down a Russian jet this week. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told government leaders to have suggestions for sanctions on his desk in two days.

ESPN's ratings are slipping

Nov 26, 2015
Molly Wood

Thanksgiving Thursday officially kicked off one of the great sports weekends of the year, with wall-to-wall college football and NFL games all the way until Monday night on the schedule.

It seems like the kind of weekend ESPN was made for — unfortunately, fewer and fewer people are actually watching ESPN these days. Walt Disney Corporation revealed on Wednesday that its sports network behemoth, which accounts for a huge portion of Disney's yearly profits, has lost about 7 million subscribers since its audience peak in 2013.

On patrol with the drought police

Nov 26, 2015
Abbie Fentress Swanson

California Governor Jerry Brown has called on cities to cut water use by 25 percent through next October. Already four Southern California water utilities, including Beverly Hills, are facing fines for failing to meet that mandate.

One place that has cut its water use sharply is Burbank, a city of roughly 105,000 residents just north of Los Angeles.

Marketplace for Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nov 26, 2015

The IMF debates adding the Chinese renminbi to its basket of currencies, why Georgia has seen the highest growth in Latina-owned businesses in the U.S. and Marketplace's Scott Tong explains whats at stake ahead of next week's United Nations' Paris Climate Change Conference.

Portland puts its best foot forward in shoe design

Nov 26, 2015
Mark Garrison

On today's show, we'll talk about hot trading around the world on Thanksgiving day; a big year for toy makers; and why Portland, Oregon is a hub for shoe making and design.

Turkey meat's screwy pricing

Nov 26, 2015
Sabri Ben-Achour

While Thanksgiving is a unifying holiday, the turkey itself divides us into two camps: lovers of dark meat and lovers of white meat.  

If you’re in the dark meat category, “you’re in the minority,” said Thomas Elam, president of FarmEcon. “And we in the turkey industry appreciate your taste for dark meat cause it’s a product we wish we could sell more of.”

White meat is sold for domestic consumption, and dark meat is exported more.

But dark meat’s time has come. Maybe. For a minute.