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June 30, 2015

6:27 PM
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Airing on Thursday, July 30, 2015: With news that a piece of an aircraft that has washed up on Reunion in the Indian Ocean may be from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, we'll talk about how the airline has been handling a disastrous year. Plus, on Medicare’s 50th anniversary, we look at what Medicare is spending most on. We'll also speak with senior economics contributor Chris Farrell about a trend towards fostering creativity within the aging boomer population.

At 50, Medicare spending more on hospice

8 hours ago
Annie Baxter

50 years into the Medicare program, the federal health insurance program for Americans 65 and older, one feature of the program has been fairly constant: about 25 percent of spending goes to care in the last year of life. 

“This is actually a statistic that has been remarkably stable from year to year. It hasn't changed very much,” says Tricia Neuman, director of the Medicare Policy program at the Kaiser Family Foundation. 

The housing market is back — except where it's not

8 hours ago
Dan Weissmann

Homes that are underwater — mortgaged for more than they’re worth — represent a much smaller fraction of the housing market than they did a few years ago, according to a new report from RealtyTrac, a real-estate data company. However, some parts of the country are doing much better than others.

Egypt bans some "Made in China" souvenirs

8 hours ago
Kim Adams

In any place highly dependent on tourism, there’s money to be made in selling souvenirs. But when the tourists stop coming, those businesses and manufacturers are out of luck.

That’s what happened in Egypt following the 2011 revolution. Now that some of those tourists are coming back, the government there is trying to prop up the handicraft manufacturers that remain.

Marketplace Tech for Thursday, July 30, 2015

8 hours ago

Airing on Thursday, July 30, 2015: First up, we'll talk to Brian Blau, Research Director at Gartner, on Facebook earnings. We'll also speak with founder Bill Ottman, about an anti-Facebook social network with open source code and strict privacy policies that protect user data. And Farhad Manjoo, Tech Columnist at the New York Times, joins us to talk about mobile gaming and Angry Birds for tomorrow's launch of Angry Birds 2.

Marketplace for Wednesday, July 29, 2015

21 hours ago

Airing on Wednesday, July 29, 2015: Amazon plans a drone highway, a trade report from the tropics and Tom Cruise hangs off a plane.

A toilet for all techies

Jul 29, 2015
Sally Herships

There's really no other way to describe them: The toilets of Japan are fabulous.

"Let's say you don't want to lift up the lid yourself because it's dirty," explains translator Kaede Kawauchi. "Then you can just use the remote control to press a button, and then it just kind of lifts up."

In Japan, toilets come with remote controls.

Toto has customers work with "advisers" to help figure out which product is right for them. (Sally Herships/Marketplace)

Poultry industry seeks ways to prevent more bird flu

Jul 29, 2015
Annie Baxter

Poultry industry groups and government officials continued a two-day convocation on bird flu in Iowa on Wednesday, trying to understand what caused an outbreak this spring to reach such a dramatic scale that it cost Midwestern poultry farmers 48 million birds. They’re also evaluating how to mitigate a potential outbreak this fall when migratory birds, the virus carriers, take wing.


Airing on Wednesday, July 29, 2015: Overnight, about 2,000 migrants attempted to push themselves into the Eurotunnel terminal near the French city of Calais, but were pushed back. More on that. Plus, we'll talk about the Department of Agriculture's preparations for the fall migratory season, when it expects wildfowl infected with bird flu could bring a new wave of the disease. We'll also talk about the fancy, remote-controlled toilets that are popular in Japan, but have yet to take hold in the U.S.

A low energy solution for drying clothes faster

Jul 29, 2015
Emily Siner

Clothes dryers in the United States use about as much energy each year as the entire state of Massachusetts, according to an estimate from EnergyStar, which is part of the reason the Department of Energy is trying to develop more efficient home appliances.

Among those making significant progress is Ayyoub Momen, a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.