Wilmington welcomes Robert Siegel

Apr 26, 2014

Graduate Fellow Fidias Reyes and Robert Siegel

WHQR's Spring Luncheon on April 24th attracted nearly 450 listeners to hear Robert Siegel, Senior Co-Host of NPR's All Things Considered. Here are some comments from attendees:

  • This was an OUTSTANDING event, equal to the top 5 of the many I have attended over the years since 1980. I am truly excited for the achievements of the station, but "debt free" status is the most difficult obstacle to overcome. . . It is exhilarating to witness the success which ALL deserve for every person's effort because ALL are dynamic entities. It greatly pleases me to contribute . . . to an organization of such high caliber, and which allows me to feel rewarded for doing so.
    -- Lynn in Wilmington
  • Very good to see a packed house and to understand we have many supporters. . . you are great! Please stay on for the next 20 or 30 (anniversary period) years. . . we see WHQR as a catalyst for our continued area growth, both population and awareness-wise. You/we are a significant contributor, for sure toward our future. We love the challenge.
    --Paul in Wilmington

See also local press coverage of the event:

Thanks to everyone who attended!