Wilmington Fire Chief Retiring

Wilmington, NC – Wilmington Fire Chief Sam Hill is retiring, after twenty years of leading the department.

The formal announcement came during the groundbreaking ceremony for the city's new Seagate Fire Station Wednesday morning.

The reconstruction of the station one of the last things the Chief says he wanted to see accomplished, along with the creation of a public safety training center and the purchase of a new fire boat.

"All these things have fallen in place in the last, you know, six months. So I think it's perfect time to go ahead and announce my retirement."

Hill says he expects a smooth transition to the next chief because all his top officers are staying.

"I've been very fortunate in the 20 years I've been chief to have excellent people under me and that's the reason the department continues to excel."

Hill leaves in the midst of some controversy at the fire department, with many firefighters angry over pay levels and staff morale.