Wilmington City Council Tags J.C. Hearne

Wilmington, NC – The Wilmington City Council selected J.C. Hearne to fill Bill Saffo's seat, which will open up once Saffo takes over as mayor in July.

Mayor Pro-Tem Jim Quin nominated Wilmington lawyer J.C. Hearne, and mayor Spence Broadhurst second the nomination. Every council member but Earl Sheridan voted for Hearne.

Hearne sat on the council from '97 to 2001. His priorities reflect some of the biggest issues facing Wilmington.

I want to double check some of the issues involving the water sewer and northeast interceptor, and I want to double check the convention center and moving along like I think it should, and I'm proud of how they've handled that.

Hearne says Quinn called him about the position two weeks ago.

Sheridan Nominates Pat DeLair

Councilman Earl Sheridan piped up first, nominating Pat DeLair, who came in on Sheridan's heels during last year's election.

Sheridan said DeLair's petition of 625 signatures, and strong showing at the polls, made her a solid choice for the seat.

DeLair says Hearne's appointment has fueled her desire to run for the seat in the November special election.

This is the place where grass roots has got to work, so to have people completely ignored in terms of what they wanted for the council seat, what the community wanted for the council seat, is absurd.

Hearne will join the city council July 11th, when Saffo takes over as mayor from departing Mayor Spence Broadhurst.