Wilmington City Council Race: Matt Hinson

Oct 20, 2011

Wilmington, NC – Early voting for municipal elections begins today in Wilmington where there are nine candidates running for city council. WHQR's Sara Wood reports that retired police officer Matt Hinson hopes to be elected to one of the three seats.

Hinson says his three-decade long career in law enforcement uniquely qualifies him to serve on city council. If elected, he says the city budget would be his biggest priority.

"We need to have efficient government. We don't need to be causing problems for businesses with excessive regulations, we also don't need to be raising taxes; we should be looking at the line-item budget and reducing excessive spending so we can hold off on taxes."

Hinson started his career as a Whiteville police officer before moving to Wilmington in 1984. He retired from the force in 2010.

He's running a "zero-dollar campaign," meaning he hasn't accepted donations or contributions for his candidacy.

WHQR's series on the nine candidates running for Wilmington City Council will continue Friday and Monday.

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