Wilmington City Council Approves River Zoning

Wilmington, NC – The Wilmington City Council passed a uniform zoning plan last night for along the Cape Fear River.

The zoning plan known as the Riverfront Mixed Use District applies to riverfront property except for inside Wilmington's Central Business District.

If developers opt into the zoning plan they must fulfill certain requirements, including public access to the waterfront.

Critics of the plan, such as Residents of Old Wilmington President Alice Mitchell, object to height allowances of 15 stories.

Fifteen stories, plus five for parking, plus other stories for allowances and pretty soon we have a massive height over there.

The Riverfront Mixed Use District zoning plan is making its way through New Hanover County's planning commission.

Right now a plot on the west side of the Cape Fear River is zoned for heavy commercial that allows plans for offices or a hotel.

Developers are looking to build a project on that land called City View, which would include 400 dwelling units, retail outlets and office space.

The city council's second vote on the issue is scheduled for next month's meeting.