WHQR Unveils "Invisibilia"

Feb 6, 2015

HQRNews 91.3fm is proud to announce the newest addition to our program schedule, Invisiblilia. NPR's most recent baby (and what a mysterious and fascinating baby she is), is co-hosted by Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller, founders of such popular programs as Radio Lab and This American Life.

What is Invisibilia about? Invisibilia, meaning "all things invisible" in Latin, interweaves narrative storytelling with fascinating new psychological and brain science to explore the world we cannot see. What are the invisible forces that shape human behavior? Tune in to find out!

When can I hear Invisibilia?We will be airing the first episode Saturday, February 7 at 3 PM. From then on you will be able to catch an episode of Invisibilia every Saturday at 3 PM! We are very pleased to be able to bring you this six episode special series. 

First Episode

The Secret History of Thoughts

Co-hosts Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller ask the question "Are my thoughts related to my inner wishes, do they reveal who I really am?" the answer can have profound consequences on your life.