WHQR to Purchase its Facilities

Jun 12, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014:

Friends of Public Radio, Inc., licensee of WHQR Public Radio, announced today an agreement to purchase the station's office and broadcast facilities at 254 North Front Street from Hexagon Holdings, Inc.

    Hexagon has owned the third floor property in the Warwick Building for several years, with WHQR as its sole tenant. The agreement was signed today by David Zumbro, Chair of the non-profit Friends of Public Radio, and Todd Toconis of Hexagon Holdings. The agreement followed a recent vote by the station's Board of Directors to pursue the purchase of its own radio facility. The agreement is expected to be final following a period of due diligence, with a closing expected on August 31st.

    WHQR Station Manager Cleve Callison said, "This is an an amazing development. It is a huge step forward for WHQR that will reduce WHQR's annual operating costs, give us a permanent asset, and allow us to control our own destiny. Such a step forward would not have been possible even a year ago, but the early outpouring of support for our emPowering Our Future capital campaign, now in progress, made it happen. The campaign started in 2012. Recently the Board, noting the fiscal health of the station and a favorable real estate market, approved adding a facilities purchase to the campaign goal. This is a true milestone in the history of WHQR, and a perfect expression in our 30th year of our intent to improve WHQR and all its services for the benefit of our listeners."

    WHQR is Wilmington's National Public Radio station. It was founded in 1984, with studios and offices in a strip mall on Greenfield Avenue. It has been located on the 3rd floor of the Warwick Building since 1994.