WHQR Holds 2016 Annual Meeting

Jul 26, 2016

WHQR held its 2016 Annual Meeting on Thursday, July 21. The Board of Directors, Community Advisory Board members, staff and WHQR audiences came together to celebrate a great year and to set the stage for 2017. 

As part of the meeting, seven new board members were approved. WHQR and the Board of Directors are excited to welcome the new members and the amazing group of people that are involved with the station.

New Board Members:

Jeff Barnes

Kathleen Berkeley

Wiley Cash

Brenda Esch

Stephen Fortlouis

Doc Jarden

JC Smith

WHQR also wants to thank the members who have completed their time as board members. The work of our retiring board members has seen the growth of the station and has set the momentum for building upon WHQR's legacy. We wish Dorothy Rankin, Stephanie Meyers, Phil Stine and David Zumbro all the best as we acknowledge all of their time and support in helping to make WHQR the best it can be.

HQR thanks our member photographer Paul Reinmann for the great photos in this slideshow.