2:22 pm
Fri October 9, 2009

WHQR: David Dondero and Andy Bilinski

Singer-songwriters David Dondero and Andy Bilinski play at the Soapbox Sunday October 11th. They sat down with WHQR's Jeremy Loeb October 9th to talk up the show and play some new songs.

Wilmington, NC – Good evening. I'm Jeremy Loeb. Last night, WHQR played host to some major talent. The phenomenal young singer Bibis Ellison was in our gallery playing a live show as part of our Soup to Nuts Live concert series. You'll be able to hear that concert soon. Also, David Dondero and Andy Bilinski, two wonderful singer-songwriters, were kind enough to join me in the studio to play some new music. They're both playing, along with Jason Kutchna, this Sunday night at the Soapbox, in what should be a fantastic show. David Dondero is a nationally known artist, who's been hailed by NPR as one of the greatest living songwriters. We'll hear him play in a few minutes. But let's start with a song by Andy Bilinski. Andy Bilinski is one of Wilmington's best-kept secrets. Like Dondero, Bilinski writes heartfelt, lyrically challenging songs. He has one album to his name, titled "The Meaning Behind Nothing is Everything," and he's currently working on a new album. Bilinski really shines in a stripped-down intimate environment. He seems at his best when he's alone with a guitar. This is Andy Bilinski, playing some new music, last night in our studios here at WHQR.
Andy Bilinski playing new music here at our studios, last night at WHQR. You can hear those songs in full here. Andy will play this Sunday night at the Soapbox. The headliner of the show is David Dondero. Here's Dondero playing live at WHQR last night.
In 2006, All Songs Considered producer Robin Hilton made a Top 10 List of the greatest living songwriters, with Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Paul McCartney up at the top 3. And at number 10, was David Dondero. This is what Hilton writes about Dondero: "This guy is barely a blip on maps to even the remotest of musical landscapes. But I keep pushing him and hoping he'll be recognized for the brilliant artist he is." Late last year, Dondero played at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen at NPR in Washington. I asked him about playing there.
That's David Dondero, playing back in our studios here at WHQR last night. You can hear those songs, plus an extra song by Dondero, in their entirety, right here. I'm Jeremy Loeb, and this is WHQR 91.3 FM.