WHQR Announces Completed Purchase of WHQR Facilities by Friends of Public Radio, Inc.

Aug 25, 2014

Friends of Public Radio, Inc., licensee of WHQR Public Radio, has completed the purchase of the station's office and broadcast facilities at 254 North Front Street from Hexagon Holdings, Inc.

Hexagon has owned the third floor property in the Warwick Building for several years, with WHQR as its sole tenant. The agreement was signed by David Zumbro, Chair of the non-profit Friends of Public Radio, and representatives from Hexagon Holdings. The agreement followed a vote by the station's Board of Directors to purchase its own radio facility.

WHQR Station Manager Cleve Callison said, "Ownership of our own studio and office facilities in downtown Wilmington is a transformational step for WHQR. After being renters for our first 30 years, WHQR is now in a position to control our own destiny. The savings we will realize in operating costs, plus the acquisition of a valuable tangible asset, will help us as we plan our service goals and budgets in the years to come. We see great things ahead for WHQR in both news and information as well as classical music services. It's all made possible by the support and confidence of our members, underwriters and generous donors to the station. We will do our utmost to live up to the high expectations our audience has for us, and we're incredibly grateful to them for making this milestone possible."

Chair of the Friends of Public Radio Board David Zumbro said, "This is an historic milestone for the Friends of Public Radio, made even more special by having been accomplished in the station’s 30th anniversary year. Just three short years ago, the Board of Directors put in place a strategic plan for the future of the station. We are meeting our goals thanks to our enthusiastic members and donors, generous corporate sponsors, loyal volunteers, dedicated staff and senior leadership, and a determined Board. We are grateful to them all."

WHQR is Wilmington's National Public Radio station. It was founded in 1984 with studios and offices in a strip mall on Greenfield Street. It has been located on the 3rd floor of the Warwick Building since 1994.

WHQR 91.3fm, broadcasting from Wilmington, is the only public radio station serving southeastern North Carolina.WHQR offers news, music, entertainment and interaction to expand knowledge, encourage artistic appreciation, engage our community and promote civil discourse.

Interviews with the Chair of the Board of Directors and Station Manager are available upon request.