What would you like to know about NC Rep. Deb Butler (D-NHC)?

Mar 9, 2017

What would  you like to know about NC Rep. Deb Butler? 

The New Hanover County Democrat was appointed to replace Susi Hamilton in District 18 (Brunswick, New Hanover) after Governor Roy Cooper tapped Hamilton to run the state's Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. 

District 18 constituents can send questions and comments to coastline@whqr.org.  We're pre-recording an interview (to air on March 22nd) and we want to include your questions.  What concerns do you have about the long session currently underway?  Do you want to hear her articulate her policy agenda? What would you like to know about your new representative? 

You have through Sunday, March 12th to get your questions in to coastline@whqr.org.  And please tell us whether you'd like your full name, first name, or anonymous to be used on the air.