Web Site Misleads Military Service Members and Veterans

Jun 27, 2012

An official-looking website that steered military veterans to expensive for-profit schools will turn its site over to the Department of Veterans Affairs and pay a hefty settlement. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports GIBill.com mislead veterans and service members in North Carolina and 19 other states.

The G.I. Bill is the common name for the federal law that provides educational benefits for veterans who have served in the military.Attorney General Roy Cooper along with other state attorneys general allege that QuinStreet, Inc., the owner of GIBill.com and similar sites, violated consumer protection laws with its deceptive websites generating leads to the for-profit education industry. North Carolina and other states found the misleading sites gave the impression that schools listed as “eligible G.I. Bill schools” were the only schools veterans could use their benefits. As part of the settlement, QuinStreet will relinquish ownership and control of the website GIBill.com to the Department of Veterans Affairs and shut down any domain names that include the term G.I. Bill.  The company will pay states a total of $2.5 million to settle the consumer protection claims, including $225,000 to North Carolina.