Update: Bent crane causes disruption in WHQR schedule

Nov 29, 2011

Update: Attempts to remove the damaged crane described below caused a mandatory evacuation of buildings in the 200 block of North Front Street, including the WHQR studios. For about 3 hours Tuesday afternoon we operated on a computerized schedule.

Work has been proceeding on the new Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, which is going up on Grace Street in Wilmington (right behind our building). For the last couple of days workers have been driving iron pilings into the ground, which has given our building a severe case of the jitters all day long. But not right now.

Take a look at the bend on the left side of the crane. It looks as if the weight of the giant jackhammer was a little too much for the crane, which is now out of commission.

At least our windows won't be rattling for a while!

Here's today's story in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.