Underwriting and Producer/Announcer positions filled

Jul 22, 2013

I am very pleased to announce successful searches for WHQR's Producer/Announcer and Underwriting Representative positions.

1) Producer/Announcer: Asia Brown
    --Listeners know Asia through her work as our Graduate Fellow (Intern) in Operations in 2011-12 and 2012-13. She's done exemplary service to WHQR and we know she will immediately fit right in to duties involving All Things Considered hosting, talk show production, general news reporting and more. She will begin in early August.
    --I want to congratulate and thank Jeremy Loeb for the fine work he has done as our ATC host for many months. Jeremy came in when we really needed help and immediately fit right in. He'll continue to work with us a little while longer, and he'll have our blessing and help as he moves forward in his career.

2) Underwriting Representatives: Jeff Hunter and Kate Brandis
    --Anyone attending last week's Annual Meeting knows of the profound caring and support Jeff has shown for WHQR throughout his six years on the Board and beyond. As he leaves the Board at the completion of his second term, the timing simply seems perfect. Jeff will be joining the Underwriting team shortly.
    --Kate Brandis's name is the daughter-in-law of social entrepreneur and long-time great friend of the station Jock Brandis. She has had extensive experience as a sales representative for Clear Channel Radio and Time Warner Cable, but has a passion for public radio and a keen desire to serve.
    --Kym Davidson will continue to work for us on existing contracts and maintaining others during this interim period. Kym has done a fine job for the station since coming on board and deserves all thanks for her commitment. She will work through August 2nd.

Please join me in welcoming these new staff members, and in saying thanks to Jeremy and Kym for their work for us. Thank you.

Cleve Callison
Station Manager