UNCW's Black Freshman Enrollment Down

Wilmington, NC – The University of North Carolina, Wilmington says while black freshman enrollment has dropped from last year to this year, overall the campus is bringing in more people of color.

In this year's freshman class of 1,987, 105 of those students are African-American. That's eight less than in last year's freshman class.

Associate Provost Terry Curran says the university needs to work harder to reach out to the black community and high school counselors.

When we see a specific demographic, particularly African-American students, yeah, we need to go back and take a look at where do we need to work harder, how do we go out and identify more pools of those candidates so that we can increase those numbers in our representation on campus.

Curran says UNCW's Hispanic and Latino freshman enrollment jumped by nearly 62%this year over last year.

And the university has seen a steady climb over the past three to five years in the number of minority faculty and students.