UNCW Student Robbed Of His Playstation 3

Wilmington, NC – Scattered violence across the county over the new Sony Playstation 3 played out in Wilmington Friday morning when a University of North Carolina, Wilmington student was robbed and assaulted on campus.

UNCW Police Captain G.E. Mathews says a group of four men took approached the student, one beat him repeatedly with a blunt object, then took two Sony Playstations 3 the student had just bought at Wal-Mart.

Evidently they had been in line since the Wednesday before right now we're still working with Wal-Mart security to find out whether they were followed from the Wal-mart back to campus.

Mathews says UNCW police and Wilmington police are investigating leads in the robbery.

This is one of several robberies across the country involving the Sony Playstation 3. In Ohio, two armed men robbed a video store before the store could even begin selling the game.