UNCW Receives Nearly $12 Million in Contributions

Aug 17, 2012

Universityof North Carolina at Wilmington received nearly $12 million in contributions during the last fiscal year.  WHQR’s Andrew Jarachovic reports on where the contributions came from and how the money will be used.         

UNCW just completed the largest and most comprehensive fundraising effort in its history.  In addition to corporate sponsors, contributions came from nearly 11,000 individual donors.  Parents contributed nearly 1 million dollars and even the students kicked in, with the senior class raising over $12,000. 

The contributions will be used to establish 2 new professorships, one in nursing and the other in education.  The money will also support 3 fellowships, 23 scholarships, the student center, and various campus programs. 

The university receives about one-third its total operating budget from the state, while the remainder comes from tuition and fees and contributions.